Inspired by at least two incongruent posts. I ask.

Where did all the money go?
Where did all the land go?
Where did all the houses go?
Where did all the children go?
Where did all the adults go?

Q 1,2 and 3 the usual suspect Money Changers

Ah c’mon OW, yeh’ll have to make them harder than that :unamused:

Spent on shiny baubles.

Crookedly rezoned.

To Crooked Rezoneland where nobody ever wanders.

It’s far too expensive to have children.

Infantilised by shiny baubles.

And Ériu’s away with Rachel, sobbing her little eyes out :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

In my case

  1. The money went on builders 2004-2006, interest 2007-2008, and trading losses 2008 to 2010
  2. The land is still there, but worth less
  3. The houses are still there and mostly in use, but worth less
  4. The children have done what Ireland’s children have done for 200 years and scattered to the 4 corners of the earth
  5. The adults mostly stayed to take the hit for Ireland.

i, ii & iii; ask NAMA

iv & v; demographics, the population peak of the main property buying age group (30-35) arrived in the market during the early years of the bubble, they are now mostly sitting around and blaming everyone else for their personal failing to negotiate a realistic price for their property, since then based on demographics potential demand has been dropping while the next FTB cohort has been decimated by unemployment and emigration. Looking at the population stats, we might see a new surge in about 20 years time. But will that give the politicians enough time to prepare for it?


Where did all the flowers go?

Where did the all love go?


Blue Horseshoe

Where did you go last night? Did you have a good night?