Insurance cover


I am looking around for house insurance for a new home. It is what is referred to as ‘non standard structure’. I have received a quote from an insurance company, however I am shopping around to see what prices are available. The main insurance companies only have a mandate to cover particular ‘standard structure’ residential premises (I have called quite a few). Any information from anyone would be helpful.


Can you please give a few more details of what exactly is a ‘non standard structure’?

Is this a caravan or shed or mobile home type of deal or a converted building from one use not put to serve as a dwelling?

Wow, the Occupy Dame St guys must be going all responsible and insuring their sheds.

Thanks for the links above, I will try these guys.

Be very careful with all your paperwork if you are using non-standard insurance companies.

Insurance is there to protect you if something goes wrong. The last thing you need in such circumstances is the insurance company going through your paperwork with a fine tooth comb looking for some way to avoid paying out.

For what’s it worth Aviva, Zurich and Allianez typically pay up. [mod] to be avoided at all costs.

Working in Insurance, in Personal Lines for many years, if you have anything a bit out of the ordinary I find the company you have most Business with ie your Car or Jeep etc are always the most likely to help.

Again without knowing what level of “Non-Standard” it’s hard to give more advice. I know O’Brien Finlay Brokers cover non standard & the likes of thatched roof cottages . :smiley: