Intel Q1 results

Profits of 12% as cost rise.

Hmm…where do they have large cost base!!..

Conference call on right now, will i dial in!..

Expect changes soon…Fab 14 to go…flash memory profits are too varying…and expensive…China does it cheaper.!!

I take it that the flash memory is manufactureed in Ireland?

Didnt think it was called Fab14 anymore?
is it not Fab 24 now?

3 factorys fab10 & 14 & 24
fab 10 & 14 make chipsets and flash(nor) on 200mm older technology
fab 24 make newer chipsets and processors on 300mm technology

Not 100% certain of this, but Fab 10 is now part of the STM joint venture to make flash. Flash memory prices are down 70% in the past 6ish months, so cost sensitivity is enormous. I heard that Fab 10 production will shift to Italy, and that Fab 10 will close (reason = cost).

Long term, the Intel fab in China (Dalian) is also flash (US export laws do not allow manufacture of microprocessors there (yet !!!)), so any flash manufacturing in Ireland is doubly doomed. Not sure about the chipsets, but that would be the next logical process to move to China.

Guess its now called ‘no so Fab’ :stuck_out_tongue:

** grabs his coat and leaves **

fab10 & fab14 run as a foundry.
this was setup when numonix was set up
officially intel does not make flash anymore but subcontracts the work.
6-9 months more at the most
no doubt it will close
early 2009 their will be more lay offs … =208803084

LONDON — Intel is set to invest a further tens of millions of dollars at its operations in Leixlip in Kildare, Ireland, according to local reports.

Sources told The the investment into more advanced manufacturing operations has been approved in the U.S. that would see a major refitting its older facilities at the plant, which is one of Intel’s largest and oldest outside of the U.S.

Intel employs about 5,000 people directly and indirectly at the Leixlip operation, where it has invested $7 billion since 1989. The company also employs 150 people in Shannon, Co Clare. It is not clear if the investment will result in additional jobs.

The report suggests Intel’s latest Atom chip may be made at the facility, but this has not been confirmed.

A spokesman for Intel Ireland said there was "demand on a global basis" for the new chips, but said the firm did not discuss its manufacturing arrangements.

I’d heard about this apparently the plant in china was plagued with theft of designs and then these were made by other companies in china so they see the Irish set up as a safer bet for the more modren designs

Ah yes, two cornerstones of a any form of real economy, let alone a successful one; the rule of law and strong property rights (including intellectual property).

There is no limit to the damage done to the image of Ireland abroad by the real and alleged ‘back hander’ carry on of people like Mssrs Ahern, Lowery, Flynn, Haughey et al. The whiff of corruption at the top takes a long time to clear.

Blue Horseshoe

This is brilliant news, really delighted to hear a good news high tech story in Ireland for once!

May not be such good news…read ragingbear’s post on this page: … &start=705