Interesting way to advertise a house on Myhome

I saw this on Myhome tonight, only two pictures,on of the dining room, one of the garden. NONE that I can see of the house for sale at € 370k but the interesting bit is below. My bolding of letters

Peak price €590,000 (2007)
Established neighbourhood
Brown P.V.C. Windows
Very large house with extension

DIRECTIONS:Travel out the Curraheen Road and turn left at the
Church followed by the next right. Proceed to the house on the right hand side. **No RE/MAX sign on display. ** … ork/175155

They have a pic of the front of the house on Daft.
So if the vendors were hoping to keep it quiet then their cover is blown.
Actually, I suspect Mr REMAX has just been run off his feet and hasn’t had time to pop the sign up.
Anyway - thought you had a thread about buying a house the other week, what are you still doing trawling Myhome of an evening, or is it a really hard habit to break? :wink:

Hard Habit to break, :laughing: also interesting to see if prices in the Wilton/Bishopstown continue to decline, they had remained remarkable sticky for a long time, some slight movement here and there.

Is there any MR REmax Left? Ithought they were all gone, well, nearly.

Why does it list peak price 590,000 in 2007. What does this mean and who gives a fuck?

It means bargain! Fill yer boots! Cannies care.

Will they list a ‘bottom price’?

We actually rented not far from this house when our own was being renovated. they are actually quite big but a number of them have been for sale for a fair bit and a lot suffer from having been rented for years. This area is close to the CIT but I think a lot of students are now living in various student accomadation around Bishopstown Wilton area.
Like you guys I thought the addition of “peak price” was interesting

What ?
Thats it ?

There are many reasons why sellers may not want a sign.
Divorce/seperation being the primary cause.
Some people just don’t want their neighbours to know they are selling (for whatever reason).

I’ve done plenty of sales without signs and, whilst not advisable, it is possible.
Its common enough and no big deal.

I read it as all the neighbouring houses are being sold, and all by REMAX, so the way to spot this house is that it is the only one without a for sale sign.

Are brown PVC windows a SELLING point?