Internet scares govt., they want to excercise control

Quinn says online media as accountable as traditional media - → … 77168.html

In other words the government press officer or director of communications (normally a journalist and member of the NUJ) can’t control or manipulate online opinion like they can with the daily newspapers. It’s not that they don’t try to manipulate opinion by putting up stalking horse articles as we saw with the attacks on the dole this week. Today older people take their cue from the mainstream media (RTE, Dennis O’Briens Communicorp, O’Reillys INM, Crosbie Group, The Irish Times and UTV radio), the younger generation look towards google, facebook, to find their information and have access to many more sources of information and opinion some of which are highly critical of the government.

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Peak Attention and the Colonization of Subcultures - → … bcultures/

Minister Quinn’s intervention is worrying. Here’s why.

A story was being researched on NWL for some weeks, involved BSkyB and its 800 new jobs in a call-centre to be sited in Ballsbridge. The crux of the story was that NAMA wasn’t keen to allow a building which it effectively controlled to be part-rented, it wanted a single tenant for the entire building. Minister Richard Bruton got involved and NAMA reversed its position.

In researching the story, the following email was sent from the NWL blog to Richard Bruton’s press office last Tuesday "Dear Sirs,

I am involved in the operation of the NAMA wine lake blog which reports on the activities of the National Asset Management Agency, and associated subjects (

I write to ask for comment on the announcement of the BSkyB call centre in the Burlington Plaza in Ballsbridge and the involvement of NAMA and the Minister. I understand that the landlord acting under NAMA’s auspices originally refused to lease part of the building to BSkyB because it was NAMA’s objective to lease the building in its entirety. I understand that subsequent to this refusal, the Minister telephoned the CEO of NAMA, Mr Brendan McDonagh and following that telephone conversation, the landlord did in fact agree to rent part of the building, thereby securing a reported 800 new jobs.

I wish to ask if the Minister feels that situations such as this are obstructing employment in this country. It is certainly the case that potential employers have previously complained about NAMA’s responses to proposals which might have resulted in new employment (for example, in the BBC Northern Ireland Spotlight programme broadcast last November 2011).

I wish to ask if the Minister had reservations in making any request to NAMA to reconsider its position, and if regard was paid to NAMA’s anti-lobbying rules which would require such communication to be made public.

With many thanks for your time,
Yours sincerely
Jag Singh"

There was no response. An email to NAMA some time earlier was also not responded to. And during the week, no-one wanted to speak on the record, but it seemed plain that there had been a ministerial intervention in the property transaction.

Yesterday the story was published on the NWL blog here - … ntervened/ with the title “Did NAMA place 800 BSkyB jobs in jeopardy, before Government minister intervened?”
Today a similar story appears in the Sunday Independent - … 10378.html under the title “How Nama risked 800 Sky jobs”

but the Independent story seems to want to stress that Minister Bruton didn’t contact NAMA directly, but that he contacted the IDA. That’s at odds with what I understand, but because the Department didn’t respond to the enquiry, it’s hard to tell the precise choreography which led to NAMA changing its position.

The NWL blogpost raises questions about lobbying NAMA. And even if the Sunday Independent is correct, then the IDA should have made its lobbying public, if not the Minister. Luckily in this country, we still have a political system which allows PQs to be put down so the matter can be progressed in this way.

But if Minister Quinn has his way, the direction of which is clear from his UL performance, then these matters may simply not come to light in future at all.

Phenomenal work NWL.

Just so that everyone is crystal clear …

I suppose there is now going to be a political game of ‘when is lobbying, not lobbying ?’.

The lobbying of primary concern is intervention on behalf of political buddies, insiders, party funders etc. I get the feeling myself there is something underhand in this story. If the public sentiment says yes, the intervention was ok because JOBS were involved, you can be sure this JOBS rationale will be the rationale trotted out again and again if some other seedier kind of lobbying is brought to light.

That’s the whole point - it sets a precedent.

Centrepoint building in London, anyone?
Its developer Harry Hyams had the same idea of only letting to one tenant.
And he found one eventually…AFTER NINE YEARS!

Good. I’m glad that Bruton intervened to stop NAMA’s usual jobsworth self-protection. He acted correctly and what he did is morally and ethically right, and furthermore exposed NAMA’s empire building. And I am not a government supporter, far from it.

What the hell is wrong with you? You’re supposed to be exposing NAMA, or so I thought.

NAMA is/was a completely political animal. What do you really think that the political interference is carefully minuted and collected for future FOI?

And esp while FF in power

Developer has limited unsecured exposure to a nama bank. Overdraft, X millions. Has funds on deposit exceeding od. Much examinging by bank before they recall overdraft and set off depost account. Suddenly developer goes apeshit and phones CEO of bank. CEO points out all legal. Then, a call from NAMA. OD “might have been used to fund dev property by dev” and is being acquired. NAMA “buys” unsecured loan and bank gives cash on deposit back to developer.

Happy fucking days. And completely fucking true.

"Good. I’m glad that Bruton intervened to stop NAMA’s usual jobsworth self-protection. He acted correctly and what he did is morally and ethically right, and furthermore exposed NAMA’s empire building. And I am not a government supporter, far from it.

What the hell is wrong with you? You’re supposed to be exposing NAMA, or so I thought"

Hi the edge,

I think you’ve gotten the wrong end of the stick.

(1) The only reason you know about this story is because of the NWL blog - yes, the Sindo did a very similar story the day after the NWL blog story, and several days after the NWL blog had contacted Richard Bruton’s Dept for comment.

(2) If it’s not clear from the blogpost that the issue is NOT about employment/unemployment, then I sincerely apologise for not making that clearer. I thought reference to the colossal unemployment problem in this country in the introduction to the blogpost was adequate to make that clear.

(3) The issue is about making the fact that lobbying has taken place public as required by the NAMA Act. NAMA has a dedicated email address so that politicians can contact it, with all sorts of concerns, eg sites that are hazardous. All fine, as long as the politician makes the contact known when it is made. The reason for this is to prevent nefarious lobbying which we know has taken place in Irish politics before.

I see that the chairman of the Irish Examiner/Sunday Business Post group, Alan Crosbie has been giving out about new media, apparently claiming it has the “capacity to destroy civil society”

RTE reports him saying “we should value organisations [like the IT, Indo and Examiner, apparently] that produce good information”

Ahem, remember this piece of misleading, lazy, financially ignorant piece of reporting last week from Alan’s own paper which swallowed NAMA’s press release which highlighted a profit - an OPERATING profit - but which omitted the loss that will be made when loan impairments are calculated at year end. … 82185.html

Sounds like his opening gambit in a game to get his hands on some tax payer money. Public service indeed.

Bang on. The NNI are trying to get video etc. from RTE for free, while the Irish Times is trying to get cash out of the BAI Sound and Vision fund. If they’re not careful they’ll be just another industry rent-seeking at the expense of the taxpayer.

Also, if you haven’t gone to yet then please do.

Funny RTE missed the licence fee slant :smiley: … ing11.html

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