Internet Weather Forecast is for Storms!


This thread takes it lead from one of the three listed points here (No.3) and thus takes a lead from this idea using the follwoing new information regarding another website down to start off the inquiry and dicussion.

First Dailystomer was routed by service providers (ICANN, Google and Cloudflare were involved lots of in’s and out’s) and possibly their own poor judgement including technical judgment. I’ve never visited the website and only came to my attention during this breaking story the last week or so. I can’t actually comment about it’s content/setup (there is controversy over some video that went viral relating to the person who was killed at Charlottesville, haven’t seen it so can’t comment) but I assume it was similar-ish to the next target, Stormfront which has also fallen a foul of possibly domain registration service provider (GoDaddy) more info will probably come out over time. However the difference is Stormfromt seems to have simply disappeared without much ado compared to how Dailystormer was taken out.

I think I’ve looked at Stormfront maybe three times and hardly at all each time. AFAIK it was only forum, maybe it had a blog. No idea. However it seems to be a very large forum and forums looked to be organised by countries. If I’m not wrong, this website has been on the net for 27 years. Open to correction, I’m sure there is more on wiki.

Over the years people mention this website Stormfront my experience is always in the pejorative. Ok, so I expect there to be no tears shed nor is this thread is not here to defend content of these sties, their activities and what not but it seems from my cursory understanding this is has very deep and wide implication for the internet and how it works. Or maybe not. Maybe it will stop here and that’s it. However recent world events have seen DDOS directed at high traffic forums during fairly politically sensitive times for periods on days.

As the title suggest the internet and it’s utility for some, is in for some stormy weather and some more.


The Germans have shut down an Antifa site, making the legal argument that it is an association or club instead of news site. While I reckon the odious stormfront and antifa sites are recruiting grounds for extremists and am personally delighted to see them get their comeuppance, I take the point that the modus operandi of the shutter downers could set a questionable precedent.


Do we have the same objection to other hate groups like Islamic terrorists? What about websites promoting and enabling illegal activity?
Silk road was another site shut down.

In reality their might be limited disruption to those who seek an outlet to share their hatred and bile. Alternatively they can always meet up and March. No one is going to stop them unless they try to rub it in peoples faces such as student campuses or Catholic areas in the north.


If anyone is interested in free speech issues, they should really read Popehat’s Twitter feed. ttps:// (and blog).


Ironically Lawyers for Civil rights


Alex Jones gets booted off of Google/Apple/and a few others within 12 hours.

This wont end well.


Interesting tweet from bitchute as to the Alex Jones/Infowars video they are requested to shut down.

The embryo of “Spotlight 2”


rejoice! is down , expect your lives to get better as of now … ensorship/


I wonder how profitable infowars is for Alex Jones. My brother in law is a part time follower and he says that they sell alot of merchandise. There’s even an Alex Jones protein powder.


I doubt they sell much in the way of supplements, it went from a subscription model to pimping for supplements.


Alex Jones is a welcome alternative voice in the information space, the only objection would be the irritating persistent tough guy posturing that makes folk not take him seriously, when was the last time anyone in real life met a person talking like that? If your new boss gurned and gravelled like Jones you’d hand in notice immediately, his advisors should get him adopt a more human demeanour and within five years he will be the most trusted news anchor in the entire world, no problem.


His gurning is the only irritation, not claiming dead children are not really dead and all the other nonsense that went with Sandyhook?
Let’s hope he doesn’t eat any chilli, or we will be deprived of a trusted news anchor. … -infowars/


amazing how the public simultaneously gets outraged by jones’ alleged comments about sandy hook six years after they were made


RTE eco eye just mentioned intersex in fish. should I start a letter writing campaign informing them that they are wrong?


one year later they tried a charlottesville 2.0. in the same week they try to take down infowars and others.

just saw a survey on youtube about which news sources i’m familiar with, asking me if i heard of cnn, fox nes, bbc, sky news, rte news. making the internet safe again seems to be goal to achieve by august 2019


Mastercard going after patreon to suspend account of robert spencer. Patreon is under attack is the main story.


A year on and the internet is the epicentre of a full on corporate led tactical assault on freedom of speech, that is at it’s root politically motivated.

I’ll try compile a list (as it grows day by day) but one of the latest to feel pressure from a payments provider is BitChute, via Stripe this time (not forgetting one of the founders was a recent Bilderberg attendee).

The last 3/4 weeks are unprecedented in my experience, utterly unprecedented and if you like your internet you should be incredibly concerned.