intresting conversation!

Had a intresting conversation with a friend today,he has a 3 bed semi for sale ( Dublin),for about 4 months now, , had couple of 2 viewing but no offers, he rang the estate agent to get the price reduced ,estate agent told him that they are ringing all there clients on their books ,asking or telling (whichever) them, that they have to reduce there prices ,so prices will match the realities of the current climate (Banks lending less),she told him they hope to have all there housing stock updated on Daft,Myhome ,etc,with new reduced prices by the middle of September, i think we could entering a new stage of fear, sorry inadvance for any spelling errors

It will be interesting to see if ourselves (IPW) and others pick up the increase in the numbers of drops over the next few weeks.

Ye it will be interesting ,he had that haunted look on his face :open_mouth:

lots of people with that look…

Perhaps we should all go out on a huge credit blast before the banks fail!!!


all of us

as a nation…

throw ourselves on the mercy of Hugo chavez and Kim Il north Korea

declaring a glorious socialist republic

or convert to wahabbism, join the caliphate and declare interest payments to be Haram, throwing ourselves at the mercy of the saudis .

Sorry about the burkas and the executions

Eh, why don’t the banks just get as much ECB money as they can get their hands on before they go to the wall?

Oh wait…

Well on the other side, I know two sets of folks pulling their gaffs, to bide their time… :unamused:

Remax did this already. They lowered their prices by 2% across the board.

Good on Remax - a whole 2% - that should turn things around alright :open_mouth: :wink:

oh there’ll be executions alright… :smiling_imp:

That’s what we have been doing for the last 6 years!

Did he instruct them to drop the price of his house immediately?

He wants to drop his price now, to get lower than the competition.
If it’s going to take them until September to drop them all then there’s no point him waiting until then.


Reduced today by 18,0000 !

We’d better get our skates on then if we’re to beat the Yanks to the punch :laughing:

Sure every dog in the street knows it’s a bad time to be selling now. Prices are falling. They’re doing the smart thing - hold onto the place, sure the price will rise back up eventually. Why would they take a loss now when they can wait a while and avoid it?

Seriously, that’s the kind of thing I’m still hearing. How can you best drive home the point to a mate in the pub that the value of anything is what people are prepared to pay for it? (not even mentioning that prices are set at the margin etc. yet…) If they’re convinced it’s “worth” €X00,000 then they’re damn well not going to take a penny less. Even if they’re stuck there for another few years. (A period of time they’re also most likely massively underestimating.) Tragic.