Intrigued by area perception


interesting topic and even more interesting selection of locations

could be more scientific but what the hell maybe a property economics student will read this and get a thesis from it

any southside equivalents to beaumount?


Not within the same distance of the city centre, I believe. I think within that distance of the city centre on the south side you either get a lot less in a better area (D4, D6, D6W) or a lot more in a poorer area (D12) for the same money. A big plus for buying on the Northside is that you can get the similar house and area profile as middling southside areas, but closer to the city centre (though if you’re focused on the south city centre for work/entertainment then it can be less hassle to be south side).

With Raheny you get a Dart, making it one of the more underrated areas (but certainly not underpriced!) for me.


Head says Raheny, Heart says Rathfarnham…I’m just an old romantic.

Raheny does have loads going for it, as mentioned above, but I’m originally from Rathfarnham and know the area well and while it doesn’t have a Dart or Luas it does have quite a few bus routes serving it and going in several different directions. I know someone who lives in a 3bed semi in Ashcroft (?) in Raheny and they are tiny, probably about the size of one of those old corpo 2up-2down that you see in beaumont & larkhill road

Beaumont is a bit sprawling as mentioned above, it just seems to be a catch all for everything between Artane and Santry with no discernable ‘centre’…although it’s handy for the hospital!

Rathfarnham village and Marian, Butterfield (kerching) are the nicest parts IMO although I would gladly drop a bomb on the shopping centre, the car park alone is a travesty.

Re southside equivalents to Beaumont I would say Kimmage, the corrib road/mount argus end but not sure how they compare pricewise


Well, I’d choose Rathfarnham, since I work in SCD. If I worked on the Northside, Raheny; but then, I value a short commute over public perception.


I’d live where you’re from if there isn’t a need to be Northside for work, to be fair. It’s likely your support network of family and friends are in and around the area too right?

Ashcroft houses vary. I viewed one a couple of years ago that was standard sized 3-bed 1 bath but there appears to be smaller houses in the estate too. Belmont Park close by is a bit nicer but many houses are terraced. I wouldn’t consider Tuscany Downs sandwiched between. I probably wouldn’t Ashcroft either as it’s a bit heavy on the old concrete inside, and the outside of the park, while not directly on the main road, is close enough to be noisy.

I thought about the Mount Argus area too as a south-side Beaumont, but the prices are a little higher.


Other piece of advice is before you buy anywhere get somebody who lives in the area/is from the area to go with you - parts of the same area can be good or bad although they share the same name or address. Price may be a giveaway but not always obvious and it can be a gradual tapering thing as well.

Local knowledge is very important as to where is good or rubbish.


The shops up near marian road - are fantastic, used to live near by and I haven’t found the same quality of veg (or dry cleaners) shop anywhere else, also apart from marlay, the castle grounds are lovely, the pubs are actually grand and you can walk to Terenure in 15/20 mins depending where you are. Wouldn’t have moved if we could have afforded a bigger house in the area and the school we decided on!!! (you didn’t mention kids did you?)




Windy Arbour (Ok, a little on the naff side):

Churchtown (Absence of internal photos suggests a dump):

Harold’s Cross (A bit pokey, but so close to town):[bd_no]=3,20&s[mnp]=1&s[mxp]=300000

In any event, fair amount of properties in what would be considered good areas of South County Dublin available. In any event, it will only be a matter of time before 4 bed semis in good condition in those areas or better are available for less than 300k.


Just as well you and I are not househunting together :slight_smile: None of those would appeal to me at all.


The whole Northside/Southside thing is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. For some reason, people associate the Southside with areas like Killiney, Ballsbridge, Foxrock etc and the Northside with areas like Ballymun, Darndale and Finglas. Areas like Jobstown, Ballyfermot, Crumlin and Clondalkin are not considered to be **really **part of the Southside, while areas like Castleknock, Howth, Clontarf and Drumcondra are likewise not seen as really part of the Northside.

For the most part, Dublin consists of lots of middle class areas with a few very fancy areas and a few very dodgy areas. The southside has probably the most expensive areas (Ballsbridge & Foxrock) and more of the very posh areas (Ranelagh, Blackrock, Dalkey) but also has the areas with the biggest gangland problems (Crumlin/Drimnagh) and some of the worst drug problems (South city centre). The Southside has more people generally, and is the much older part of the city, so I suppose it is not surprising that these areas have happened to all coexist South of the Liffey.

When it comes to middle class areas, there is very little difference. You might pay an extra couple of grand to have a place in a Southside area as opposed to a Northside area, but the difference in price would be much greater depending on transport links. So a house near the DART on the Northside would fetch more than a similar one in a better area of the Southside with poor or no public transport.


Don’t worry, I like city living and the idea of living in a suburban estate frightens me more than junkies and gunshots.

But on a purely “what areas can you get a 3 bed semi in Dublin for under 300k” level, each of the above that I posted would be considered (I think, anyway) to be as good as or better than Rathfarnham.


I actually quite like where I am but it’d take a stretch of the imagination to call it “near the Dart line”.

I suppose really I’ve just proved that I’m a blow-in, will always be a blow-in.


Goatstown. The house itself ain’t great, but the area is really nice. Close to Luas in Dundrum. Bit of a rat run in the morning on the downside

Nicer 3 ned semi’s are allegedly going for around 400k in that area so offers under 300k would (I guess) be listened to.


This is such an interesting thread! I am such a snob I have just realised… Yes we are all north or south side centric, although I have happy memories of times in loads of places around Dublin, all sides. There are huge cultural differences tho say between suburban living and centre city living, maybe more real community feeling in the centre where safety and a bit of tranquility become more of an issue. In the suburban housing estates, if you want to know loads of people you will. If you want to never talk to anyone at all, it is a realistic option. Lots of people go with avoiding everyone