I have just finished developing, a new Irish property price tracker. Although in its infancy, it is mature/complete enough to be useful, and hopefully more useful/usable than any alternatives…

The most useful part of the website is at … I’ve focused on making it as fast and easy as possible to use; all searching can be done without browing to a new page, and the results table is fully sortable on any column. Each house is clickable to retrieve the full price history, without leaving the page.

Please let me know what you think. Note that it is a non-profit, non-commerical project/experiment (more of a hobby) which I developed in my spare time, so go easy with your criticisms! :slight_smile:


Links aren’t working.

Looks highly promising.

However, I did a search for price drops in Galway between June 27 and June 29 and, instead of giving me the price drops between those dates, it gave me the price drops (“drop detected”) between June 23 and June 25. The calendar is out of sinc or something.

I then did a search for price drops in a certain area of County Galway between 1 January 2010 and 1 July 2011 and was only given the price drops in that area for 2011 (up to 25 June), despite the fact that I know price drops occurred in 2010 in that area.

Wow. That’s great. Very quick too. Doesn’t seem to have all the price drops I had expected for the search I did, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Great stuff. Would definitely use it. Possibly silly question considering the name, but are you scraping (or however it works) as well. Made a huge difference when Irish Property started covering that as well as SherryFitz won’t use Daft.

Nice work. One small gripe, the “Example: Howth” on the search form, could that disappear earlier (e.g. when you first click any of the fields on the form), as it is it looks as if you have to manually clear it every time (even though you don’t)

Also, you can search for drops from, say, 2005, but when are the drops ACTUALLY recorded from? Only 2011? Perhaps this could be made clearer (e.g. prevent user selecting a “From” date before the date drops are actually recorded from).

And could the date fields allow manual entry (i.e. typing in a date)? (The jQuery Datepicker control allows this)


Some comments.

I did a search for Wicklow and even a few weeks data, I see some interesting results.

A price rise is shown in red with a minus symbol. This may be confusing when/if the market stagnates or, God forbid, starts rising!

By calling your site daftdrop you kind of limit yourself to one source of data - ie daft. Who knows what will be popular in 5 or 10 years time.

Anyway, great work and easy to use!

BTW - What technologies did you build it in?

Yes, shouldn’t a price drop be in red with a minus, and a price rise a plus? This seems counterintuitive.

nice app - will be bookmarking. Well done

Looks good - one small tip - it annoys me on DAFT - in the drop down list : Remove “Co.” from “Co. Antrim, Co Dublin” so you can just hit D for Dublin?

In any case a really well executed site

Hi doubleglaze,

thanks for the feedback! There’s a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s only been tracking data since May, so only price detections that occurred from there on are known. Also, I used the phrase “Search for houses having price changes that occurred between” because that’s what it does – these houses in your results have had prince changes between your dates – but if a house has also had a price change after your chosen dates, then that’ll also be considered in the results and organised by date accordingly. It’s a bit confusing but I felt it more useful to be like this.


If you ask me, green means ‘good’ and red means ‘bad’…unless you’re a seller/estate agent :wink:

Easily changed though, I’ll see what others think…

Maybe drop the colours, since price drops are good for some and bad for others?
But shouldn’t a drop by MINUS, and a rise be PLUS?

All great points also, thanks!


No, I decided as a one man operation I probably wouldn’t have the time to maintain both scrapers, and I didn’t really see the benefits. BUT, SherryFitz do list on, I’m sure of it: … am I missing something?


Good site, well done.

I would make similar comment re colors in that red normally means drop and green increase. people wanting price drops would quickly reconcile the red with the price drop being good for them.

Hope you keep this up as it would be great to have something like this, with data going back a few years.

I’ve addressed several of the issues mentioned in this thread. More to come.


Several more improvements / fixes for anyone interested.


Nice job, works well. A few more minor suggestions:

  • In the search results, the headings don’t line up correcly over the data (e.g. “Beds”). Perhaps left justify the headings if the data is left justified, and right justify if the data is right-justified?
  • Put “€” in front of any euro amounts
  • Format percentages with a fixed number of decimal places (1 may be enough?)
  • Instead of “in the Co. ZZZZZ area”, simplify to “in Co. ZZZZZ”.
  • Default search county to Dublin, rather than Antrim.
  • Add a “favicon” for the site