Several more improvements / fixes for anyone interested.



Nice job, works well. A few more minor suggestions:

  • In the search results, the headings don’t line up correcly over the data (e.g. “Beds”). Perhaps left justify the headings if the data is left justified, and right justify if the data is right-justified?
  • Put “€” in front of any euro amounts
  • Format percentages with a fixed number of decimal places (1 may be enough?)
  • Instead of “in the Co. ZZZZZ area”, simplify to “in Co. ZZZZZ”.
  • Default search county to Dublin, rather than Antrim.
  • Add a “favicon” for the site


Only EAs who are franchisees of Sherry Fitz use Daft, eg a house with Sherry Fitz Blanc in Malahide/Swords will be listed on daft while a house listed in the Sutton office will be only on My Home. AFAIK, Gunne, DNG and a few other EAs only use My Home.


Good suggestions, had some of these in the pipeline anyway. Will get to these soon. Thanks.

Ah okay. My big problem with collecting data from two resources is there is no way to automatically & reliably determine if a house on is a duplicate of a house on Given that the majority will exist on both, the majority of price changes will appear on both, and so the same house would often show up in my results table twice (hypothethically).

Even if two houses have the same price, address and description, it doesn’t mean they’re the same…although, it might be enough for “best guess”, with the risk of occassionaly getting it wrong. It’s a pity houses don’t have a universal Id of some sort… :slight_smile: Any suggestions? I have no problem collecting data if there’s a good case for it (i.e., technically it’s not a big issue for me)…

I could add two checkboxs allowing you to choose whether to search one or both databases: [x][x]. But if you pick both, you will see many duplicates… :frowning:

Maybe I’m trying to be too perfect.


No, I don’t think so. Credibility is important; duplicate listing tend to damage that and if they are high priced, they’ll skew any averages terribly.


Can you get in touch with ps200306? Between your website and his/her analysis of the Price per square foot, you’d have a great site on your hands…


have a separate just a copy of your current site and have it looking at instead.

(i don’t know anything about web development)


Gosh, I would on no account start trying to mix in the data from MyHome.
Maybe in Dublin MyHome is kept up to date and used frequently, but regionally it is the much poorer cousin of Daft.
Some of the house data up there is incredible old and obsolete. In Laois anyway Sherry Fitz are the only estate agent who use MyHome on a regular basis, and they also advertise on Daft simultaneously because they know no one looks at MyHome.
If you want to use MyHome, make it a separate database.


Yeah, may be an idea…people don’t like browsing to two sites though, especially for almost identical data :frowning:

Yeah, I felt the same but there seems to be mixed opinions on this. I can safely say I rarely bother looking at and have never found anything there that isn’t on…BUT, I wasn’t keeping and eye out for differences either and there might be big differences in certain areas…


I rarely look at

Daft is where it’s at.


Hi all: new site, rebuilt from the ground up.

A lot of work went into the backend of this, ensuring complete data collection and new steps towards accuracy.

Feedback and suggestions welcome, thanks.


No feedback other than thank you for a very useful site which I’ve used in the last week in the vain hope of convincing someone not to mortgage their life away on a specific property.


You’re very welcome. Hope your convincing works in the end!!

More updates today to the site, a few bug fixes, usability fixes, and more responsible on smaller devices like tablets and mobiles.


Well done on all your work. A good site and easy to use, not daunting for a property newbie.

A couple of points:

  1. It’s only DAFT, not myhome, which is a major fall down IMO. No SherryFitz, DNG etc. Thats a lot of houses missing.
  2. Dublin cannot be sorted/selected by postcode which would be handy
  3. I’ve found 1 house I was looking at thats had a price drop but doesn’t feature on the site … n-1121524/
    Not sure why that is as I searched on both ‘Terenure’ and ‘Glenavy’.

I can only imagine the time you’ve spent on this and I feel bad for criticising you :frowning:


Thanks for the comments!

  1. I have decided to bite the bullet and work on a MyHome harvester. I will include it in the data. The problem are “duplicates”…it’s impossible (well…very difficult), with certainty, to automatically determine that a property on MyHome is the same property on Daft, and filter them out! So there’d be lots of identical results :confused: But I’ll come up with something.

  2. Dublin cannot be sorted, but you can search for “dublin 4” in the address filter or whatever… (as a workaround for now)

  3. That house is on the site alright, but the latest price change isn’t there. Will get back to you after the next scrape (this evening)…


You could use pHash on the property photos to match ads.

I think Cloudinary does this out of the box; you would then have a useful repo of photos. The are probably bindings for or ports of pHash for php, java etc.

Or use some sort of hash of the text.


Hey. Just to update any regular users:

DaftDrop had capacity problems (too much data) and, and servers are expensive.

I’ve fixed all those issues, made some other improvements, and now have three sites: – DaftDrop Ireland – DaftDrop UK (England, Wales, Scotland) – DaftDrop Australia

Hope yee still find it useful.



amazingly useful, especially here in Australia where drops are relatively new. Is it possible to select all in the region drop down? What are the sources? or domain ?


Thank you. is the source of the data. Not currently able to specify multiple regions, I’m afraid. Maybe something I will add next…


Hi all, there has been some issues with the sites lately.

These are back online.

Sorry for those of you who used it regularly, but all should be good now.