Hi all,

I recently took up coding and for one of my projects put together an interactive map of sold house prices in Dublin from the PPR data. displays all PPR data for Dublin from 2010 to date overlaid on a Google Map:

The PPR address data quality is surprisingly poor so there will be prices appearing in some funky locations, but clicking on the price will give you address and date details.

Feel free to use it and give feedback.



That looks really good. I like the click for multiple entries.

I’m thinking there could be some type of monopoly game in there somewhere. :smile:

Not to those of us who have tried to do anything with it previously. Good job though.

not working for me, tried chrome and edge, no prices (tried shrewsbury road)

likewise tried the ccleaner browser and chrome.

Ah lads, who broke it? :slight_smile:

Turns out my free database hosting is not up to more than one request per month, or some nonsense. Have had to migrate the database to a paid server. Just need to do a few final tweaks tomorrow to get it back up. I’ll post here when it’s running. Sorry about that.

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No need to apologise. Really looking forward to seeing the results of your work.

yes sames here!

is your code on github?

@owenm Yes, you can see it here:

Ok, seems to be back up and running. Hopefully it’s more robust this time :slight_smile:

Great work, really interesting tool, very user friendly!

On my first search near Rochestown Ave. I’ve noticed some of the houses in the small Somerton estate when I click in are actually from Somerton in Lucan, I’ve no idea how you would overcome this as I presume it’s an issue with the way they’re entered on the register?