Investor Demand

Today - this is where the market takes its last and most tragic victims…

And as it was in 2006**

And exit stage left or right … or any way ya can soon…

Now we seriously need SALES VOLUMES DATA !!! Any sources anyone???

So what have we here,the main buyers last year[investors/specuvestors] have now turned into the main sellers.
This will of course be the big downfall of the market what with the amateurs stampeding for the exits at the first sign of trouble.
And the FTBers are expected to make up the shortfall?I think not now that the size of mortgages being taken out by FTBers is in rapid decline.

On a side note didn’t that Sherry Fitz report contradict the ESRI report as Sherry Fitz said prices were declining faster in Dublin than the rest of the country.

BB-very useful stats - we really do need the sales volume data/analysis.

Jesus, so one in three houses on sale currently are by investors dumping/cashing in, does anyone have comparison figures for other markets?
34% seems like a stampede for the exits to my mind but maybe this is normal traffic?

expect to see something about volume in a national newspaper this month.

Speaking of volume does anyone know what data is available from the Property Registration Authority?
The only data source that gives any hint at the moment is the IBF data on mortgage drawdowns.

The graphs show buyers 2006 and vendors 2007, are there graphs for vendors in 2006 and buyers for 2007?

Not that it will paint a picture any prettier - only a fool would invest at these prices.


Better yield, capital appreciation eliminated, property sucks.

Property sucks real bad :imp:

BJ is referring to what happens when you deposit €325k.

This is about the price of the average house today .

First Active pay this rate for €125,000 - €325,000 = 2.77%

2.77% A QUARTER = about 8% per annum after DIRT is deducted.

Happy days 8)

You may be mistaken

I think its 2.77 on annual basis, look at the annual equivalent rate AER beside it of 2.80

Shurley shome mishtake?

The AER is 2.8%?

(the 40 day notice account?).

ah Ok

6Pack maybe? XD

8Pack at that rate, a nice Negromaro in actualité

Is that a poor mans Lidl gin & tesco value tonic?
(Confesses that had to look it up and gets flat cap and leaves to guffaws)

I’m getting 5% from Irish Nationwide for 21 notice account. Lots of options out there.

Get a Tannic Grip On Yourself Man

CSO reports falling rents in September of - 0.2% in their latest detailed inflation report.

Yep, and I’d expect to see more of this over the coming 6 months or so - think it will take that long at least before we get a better picture as to where rents are headed. Nearly as volatile as the stockmarkets :wink:

Based on the historical (admittedly)American evidence I’d tend to agree. :neutral_face:

U.S. real rent of primary residence, January, 1913-2005 (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and real home price, 1913-2005, Shiller 2005.