iOS Apple Device Forum Access Issues - Latest Update

Many pinsters are iPhone / Apple based.

The latest update pulled up the support draw-bridge for older iOS versions.

The web render engine in iOS is used by all apps, and this is the primary cause

If you are on an older versions the render engine could be many years old.

Apologies any incovinence and not flagging this in advance - understandbly updating Apple iOS can sometimes be contentious with unwanted features such as CSAM or the new base system & security auto updates, or even battery drain issue or know screw-ups by Apple that might be device specific, there are many reason you might be holding out, or you simply never bother updating.

Users may be ok on iOS 15.x but the latest is iOS 16.x - if anyone wants to offer feedback in the topic please do re: your iOS version that works.


Afaik the only solution for users of Apple devices on older unsupported iOS versions is to upgrade to an iOS that works or the very latest iOS version that supports latest web standards.

I would assume this applies to the other iteration of IOS like iPadOS etc. etc.

More updates later.

If you need to update to iOS 16 - check you battery health before you do so. Some user of iDevice reports issues with iOS 16.x on a “degraded” battery.

Q: What is a “degraded” battery potentially anything below 80% health, but double check, this advice is but a guide to the things you may need to consider before upgrading.

:bulb: Tip: Always backup your iPhone before you upgrade, so you can restore to the same or other device if there are problem and always backup the backups too! :wink: