IP outdoor surveillance camera


Any Pinster our there using an IP surveillance camera?
Looking for a wired outdoor dome-style camera with PoE and night vision.
There’s too many out there and given the good ones seem to cost around 140 euro plus I’d appreciate any hands-on experience.

Want to use my Synology NAS to record, ideally only when motion is detected.


Stay away form FOSCAM IP cams great price point, comes at a price both to your hardware overheads and security. Things be dialling out across the world to all kinds of servers. Tech support have no solution. Plumb for a closed circuit system if you want actual security, i.e. not on a network connected to the net and no wifi.


Thanks OW, they were on the shortlist due to specs and price.

Will used wired IP camera, and no direct access to stream from the internet. (access via VPN though.)


Above your price but we use Samsung at several locations

amazon.com/Samsung-SDH-P5080 … B00CUEELSQ
amazon.com/Samsung-SDH-C7510 … B0163H24LQ


Cheers. Need cameras only though, using a synology NAS to record.


Hikvision is what you find installed in a lot of commercial applications. You can have a CCTV system, with cams + nvr. You can also connect it to your network if required. You pay a bit more for the Cams that use POE (not as much as you think) so you only need that one cable point. Useful for applications where there are no power accessible outlets or spurs.

There is another equivalent brand but I can’t remember it’s name right now. If you’re in shops, carparks and other public/commercial type places keep an eye out for the dome cameras as they usually have a brand somewhere printed on the casing. Then see how often you come across the same names and use that as a guide to what’s out there doing the job, night and day.


Found this on theregister, hikvision NVR’s vulnerable to hacks - theregister.co.uk/2014/11/21 … _analysts/

I think with any of these camera systems, as I wrote previously before, if you keep it closed circuit you have little to worry about.


Some of the best reviews I have seen are posted on networkcameracritic.com/

Sadly the guy died last year so it’s probably not going to be updated in the future, but camera models don’t change drastically and it covers many popular ones.

Hikvision are looking like the king of price/performance.

I’ve had lots of fun tinkering with my own AXIS IP Cams.


Cheers RandomAccess! That’s a great site.

Had my eye already set on a hkvision camera but wasn’t entirely sure until now.


Is anybody on here familiar with Y Cam?



I’ve used earlier models and have since replaced these. I was told to stay away for the current Y-Cam range by the company that sold me the previous ones. YCAM seem to have changed to cash in on the home market and their overall business model has changed which was not much use to my needs.


Hey OW, remember your CCTV cameras doing weird stuff? It turns out there’s 70 brands that are manufactured by Chinese OEMs that have compromised firmware and are now involved in global DDOS attacks as a botnet.

A list of affected cameras is in this security report. Article about the DDOS attacks is here.


Nest have just launched announced an outdoor version: nest.com/ie/blog/2016/07/14/its … y-cameras/


So I got HKVision camera, dome style DS-2CD2142FWD-IS.
Very nice indeed, great picture and features. Kinda missing that it isn’t motorized (too expensive) but apart from that great piece.

Still playing around with the movement detection sensitivity etc., and still undecided if I let the camera do the event handling or the Synology NAS.
Settings are still too sensitive so it reacts on moving shadows and wind gusts but all in all a great piece of engineering. Night mode with IR is good enough for my purpose as well.

Still pondering if I add a microphone / speaker to scare the postman or not.


Can I ask are you using Synology Surveillance Centre to monitor the cameras or other software


Yes, using the Synology Surveillance Centre. Works very well, even remotely on mobile devices (VPN onto the NAS, and then the Synology DS Cam app)
Only running one camera at this point though. Had problems with my (old and entry-level) DS-211j though as it really wasn’t powerful enough to run all the other (mostly standard) stuff, and of didn’t have great results with the surveillance centre. But after upgrading to a new model (kick-ass 916+) all is well!
I would recommend one of the more powerful Synology models, either a “play” or “+” if you want to use HD feeds.


I have a DS412+ that’s been trouble-free apart from a repeatedly failing fourth disk (even after swapping for a new disk).

Eventually the volume died and had to be recovered by Synology support (with no lost data).

When I went to order a new disk recently, I noticed that the formerly recommended WD “Green” disks have been superceded for NAS use by “Red” or “Purple” for surveillance use, both of which have vibration protection. These weren’t an option when I bought the original four Green disks.

I wonder whether there is some issue with vibration in these NAS chassis, in my case in the fourth (last) slot.


Is it running raid 4 or something? That would explain why one disk fails disproportionately. Seems unlikely in this day and age though.


It’s using the Synology Hybrid Raid with 1 disk fault tolerance.

synology.com/en-global/know … d_RAID_SHR


Oh god. “Hey I know, let’s do this really complicated thing our own way instead of using one of the several industry-standard implementations available. What could possibly go wrong?”