IP outdoor surveillance camera


I had two Seagate 2TB drives in my previous DS 211j (RAID-1) and one of the discs failed after 4.5 years. Didn’t expect that either.

(even more annoying that the SMART tests that are running regularly are in fact useless as an indicator for likelyhood to fail - no problems on the drive ever until it just failed).

The unit itself sits on rubber feet so wouldn’t expect external vibrations to get through, and internally there’s just a small fan apart from the discs itself that could cause any vibration.
Strange though to have it happen more than once in the same slot.


Sure, but there are clear advantages, when it works, specifically being able to benefit from unequal size disks. :smiley:


To be fair to them, SHR is in general seen as very good and recommended if you have different sized disks or no clue what a RAID is but still want some data redundancy. (I am sure you can find the opposite opinion on the internet).

RAID-1 or 5 is surely preferred if you know what you are doing but especially the less powerful units are for home/small-office usage where you often don;t have an expert.


Well yes, if you have unequal-sized disks it may be worth using something like that. Like saying if you have unequal-sized tires on a car you may need a workaround :slight_smile:

Assuming you have equal-sized disks (and you should) RAID 1 (if you have two disks) or RAID 5 (if you have more) is The Way To Do It.

You may also want to forget about that sort of redundancy (because who really cares if you lose your home CCTV footage every few years) and either turn off RAID, giving you more usable storage, or possibly have a single hot spare disk so the device can fail over and continue to work in case of a disk failure.


No argument on why RAID 1/5 is the better idea!

Agreed on the redundancy - although I have now a 2 disk RAID-1 with 3TB net for all the “important” stuff, I use the old 2TB on its own for surveillance videos, software (and other) downloads, etc.
If HDD wouldn’t be still darn expensive I’d plonk in a 3rd 3TB disk to go for 3-disk RAID 5, but don’t really need the space at the moment.


Whatever about surveillance footage, my midget porn collection is irreplaceable.

On the subject of data loss, do any you NAS-surveilleurs worry about your NAS getting nicked by the people you’re surveilling? I toyed with the idea of putting mine in the attic but couldn’t be arsed to sort out the cabling/wiring.


Good point! I have thought about it but not worried - I am not a big worrier in terms of house being broken into (otherwise I’d invest into an alarm system).
I hope that the fact that there is a camera plus overall safety of neighbourhood plus good look trying to break through my entrance door or windows without anyone noticing is enough deterrent for any but the most determined criminal.

I’ve got CAT6 into the attic but I have yet to insulate the roof (attic floor is heavily insulated) so not ideal to put up there without some temperature control.

At the moment all electronic stuff (AVR, NAS, router/switch etc.) is in a comms/utility room, sharing space with washer, dryer, and heating system.
I do in addition backup the “unrecoverables” like pictures, (scanned)documents etc into the cloud though.


If you’re collecting midget porn using your CCTV setup you may have to question some of your life choices, although you probably have good parties.

But yeah if you’re using it as a general NAS that’s a different story.

I long since gave up on a reliable home storage system and now use

  • Cloud storage for CCTV
  • Dropbox for all my own stuff including high-value porn obviously
  • Time Capsule for local backup


My latest house project is the installation of cctv, indoor and outdoor.

Ideally, I would like two outdoor cameras and two indoor cameras. I want to be able to view the images remotely. I want it to be as simple as possible as I’m no techie.

I’m attracted to the y-cam bundle because it offers free 7 day cloud storage, the 30 day storage costs extra.


I wonder if anybody has any better recommendations that would achieve what I want?


So I bought the HIKVision DS2CD2142FWD mentioned above and am tying to hook it up via a TP-Switch.
overseas.hikvision.com/en/Produc … i5605.html
tp-link.com/en/products/deta … 1008P.html

The HikVision software can’t find the camera and trying to figure out what the problem is - could it be that the camera is 802.1x while the switch is 802.3af?
Any thoughts / ideas much appreciated.


No, those are unrelated. af is power so if the camera is on that’s working. x is probably not in use in this case.

When you say “the software” do you mean the software in the DVR or the remote viewing software?

Edit: usually the issue is that the devices are not all on the same network…


Both camera and TP Link device use same (only?) PoE standard 802.3af
I assume you have checked the wiring, used the right port (1-4 only) on the TP link switch, and not overloading the switch with other PoE devices?
it should be obvious if the camera receives power - e.g., there’s a small green network activity led that should light up / flash.

it might also be worth checking whatever device assigns IP addresses in your network to manually look up the IP address, and double-check that it is in fact getting a reachable address assigned. (so address that is in the same subnet as your PC ideally)


Thanks very much for the replies - that’s one less thing to worry about!

I have power on the camera - green light flickers from time to time. It’s connected to Port1 (POE) on the TPLink switch and then the switch is connected back to the router.

Think I have a lot to learn about IP provisioning and LAN. I’ve logged into the router and the IP configuration page - all connected devices are using but I can’t see the camera’s MAC address anywhere.

Thanks again for the help - back to the instruction manuals for a while I think.

Edit - by software I meant the SADP software and IVMS4200 that comes with the camera - both Hikvision products I think.
Edit2 - switch seems to work fine - connected computer to it via Ethernet, turned off WiFi and still have Internet.


Just to follow up…I got a few Y-Cam indoor cameras, and I’m very pleased with them. Each one cost around €150. Set up was easy, I just downloaded their free app to my iPad and followed a couple of easy steps. Night vision kicks in automatically, sound recordings are crystal clear. It’s motion sensor activated and sends a video to my phone of the recorded clip plus the 5 seconds before motion was detected. Videos are stored for free for 7 days. I just log into the app any time I want to watch what’s happening at home. Sometimes it can take up to 20 seconds to refresh itself to a live image when I log in, but that is the only complaint I have, as yet. Customer service is excellent. I thought I had a small problem with one camera and dashed off an email before immediately realizing what was causing the issue. Y-Cam followed up with me twice to ensure I was happy. There’s an outdoor one as well, but I haven’t purchased that yet.


Do you have a link?


Yeah, I had the same problem with a Seagate disk after only 3 or so years. The original WD green is still fine after 8 years, and has been supplemented by another WD Green. It’s not the only Seagate disk I’ve had fail either, so they are dead to me…

I’ve been seriously thinking of upgrading to kick-ass level too, what’s the noise on the 916+ like? Is it upgradable (memory, processor)?

edit: sorry for the zombie revival :slight_smile:

edit2: can you run a minecraft server on the 916+?


Western Digital have a line of drives which are intended for NAS use.

WD Red
wdc.com/products/internal-s … d-red.html


There seems to be a minecraft server package available for Synology, have a look here. No idea if any good.

Noise of the 916+ is low when running the fans in quiet mode; but even if running the fans in “cool mode” it is not too bad. I have it hidden in the utility room so don’t really care how noisy it is.
You’ll hear the hard disc noises though when the room is quiet and you are close to it. (depending on the disks of course).

You can’t usually upgrade CPU or memory with the smaller synology boxes - the 916+ comes as 2GB or 8GB model, I think though you can upgrade the 2GB model to 8GB at a later stage. Price difference is not huge though.

916+ is great in general, use the docker package quite a lot to run a CI environment and a test system (java development). 8GB is plenty for all of this…


Thank you!


Any recommendations for a non recording indoor camera for a baby monitor? Has to be broadcast to Granny’s mobile also… I had a cheap Chinese version broadcasting via somewhat sketchy server but even that’s given up the

I ideally battery powered though I think power bank is probably the best way to go