IPW Report # 33 - 1,313 Price Drops & 64 Price Increases


The drops per day from all sites is just over 188 down from 219 last week.

The average number of days properties have been listed is 214 days up from 211 days last week

The stock of unsold properties on Daft is currently equal to 9 months supply, up from 11.4 last week. Based on the removals over the last 2 weeks and assuming no new properties are listed. This measure seems to be very volatile at the moment. I’m not sure if this is a feature of the market or of the method used.

Anyone got any ideas how we can improve the time on the market statistic? At the moment I use the number of properties removed from Daft and divide into the stock of existing properties.
Should I use a longer period or is it possible to calculate from the data I have?