IPW - Sales : 1,921 Price Drops & Rentals : 876 Drops

Irish Property Watch

Over the period 15th June to the 25th June 2008 there were 1,921 drops and the average drop was €31,322 or 7%.
Over the same period there were 72 increases and the average increase was €43,128
The 1,921 properties reduced the price by just over €60.1 million in total.

From the 18th to the 25th of June 2008 there were 876 rent reductions. The average reduction was €98 per month.
There were 108 rent increases over the same period, the average increase was €152.

The number of properties for rent in Ireland decreased to 14,390 from 14,440 the previous week

2,574 properties were let in the last week and the average rent was €1,132.
While the average rent for the properties that remained on the market was 8.6% higher at €1,230 per month

Is that directly comparable to the 1,500 odd for the previous week.

It looks like the late “selling season” panic might be setting in.

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It isn’t directly comparable Geckko.
The latest report is over 9 days instead of the usual 7.

The best way to compare is the number of drops per pay. This week’s and last week’s report were broadly consistent at 213 and 216 price drpps per day.