Ireland #1 Blood Exporter - Where is all the Irish Blood Going?

Export young blood

Export Blood

To say Ireland has been milked for centuries and it continues so is an understatement.

Extrapolate to organs… All Your Organ Are Belong to Us


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Bit weird. Blood transfusion service only reported 72.5 million income in 2021. Where is this data coming from?

No idea but it’s all over the twitter machine, thought someone might have an insight.

What the fuck?

I’m guessing it’s blood / blood-based products from Pharma companies.

According to the above site the biggest customer is Belgium.

We are also the 13th largest importer of vaccines, blood, antisera etc in the world.

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I believe only 3% donate so it can’t be volumn. One wonders how much donated blood ends up in Pharma and who is doing the deals.