Ireland BIG DATA centre of the world. … nvestment/

This is a statement of intent from Ireland Inc.
The world can introduce whatever regulations they want to protect consumer rights and we’ll game those regulations to our own benefit.

Who needs the TTIP when you have “the best small country in the world in which to do business” :smiley:

And I suppose we’ll have a few TD’s demanding government investment in carrier grade fiber connections to towns like Ballybrophy to attract ‘Jobs and investment’ when in reality, once they are built, they employ very few people.

Are commercial rates payable by datacentres, even if they were located in Ballybrophy?

We were just bemoaning our poor internet speed in the office today. We’re close enough to Dublin that we can see the city lights and less than 500 m from a motorway but our fixed line can still only muster a wheeze of 5 MB/s. Of course we can get faster with 4G.

They’ll have to negotiate the planning laws first. Apple currently still awaiting final permission for their Athenry data centre: … -1.2845918

Ireland’s stable climate would have a lot to do with it too. The extremities of our seasonal fluctuations would be quite favourable in terms of temperature and humidity.

In training about GDPR 2018 for the last two days. It was very depressing as a consumer/citizen.
There will now be nobody beyond the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to escalate a complaint to when your data has been stolen/shared/mis-used.

Any company not setting Ireland as their location for Data Controller or Data Processor will be at a severe competitive disadvantage due to compliance costs and responsibility.
The regulations are perfectly framed for Ireland Inc. to engage in arbitrage in a new regulatory area.

The other attendees assumed that the local data protection commissioner will work toward the interests of the citizens.

Ireland Inc. has this E.U. game sussed; you introduce the laws and we’ll make sure that we provide a thin veneer of enforcement.

There is absolutely no chance that Ireland will enforce a fine of 20m euro or 4% of profits on any multi-national who doesn’t protect user data.

I’m reminded of the Market Surveillance authorities for various EU Directives that have been transcribed into Irish Law, specifically with regards to CE marking.

ComReg who cover the Electromagnetic Spectrum are one of the best resourced authorities. The likes of the HSA, who are supposed to cover the machinery directive, seem to only arrive at Industrial sites after an accident has occurred. There are thousands of machines brought into the country, often times second hand from the US, and you are hoping the employer is applying sufficient due diligence with regards the health and safety of their workers.

Wasn’t there a similar push for Ireland as a cloud computing center not so long ago? I seem to remember a story about someone touting the weather as an advantage, but I can’t remember if that was a fabricated story or not.

It is not fabricated, it is just over emphasised. These are datacentres with the emphasis on DATA. They are not being used for applications which are CPU bound. There isn’t much heat especially now that most enterprise quality storage has moved to solid state.

The companies are coming to Ireland partly for tax reasons (but this shouldn’t be over emphasised either as MS, Google and Apple make most of their profits through companies which employ nobody)and very much for a quiet life with a regulator(Data Commissioner) who has been captured by the Industry.

It is near impossible to do “Big Data” and still observe Data Protection legislation as you are collecting data from sources where it was disclosed for specific uses and not the ones which the companies wish to use it for.

The enforcement agency…

Enough said.

The State wants to build a new data centre - but it’s worried about its own planning rules … 5-Aug2018/

There is a lunatic yank living in Athenry who objects to every data center everywhere. He is even bringing Apple to the Supreme Court over their abandoned Athenry project. He is gonna love this one. :slight_smile:

You’d be surprised how seriously Irish judges take the following argument: “Your honour, the 0.00000002% of global energy consumption accounted for by this data centre will have a serious impact on the earth’s climate”

Data Centres Metered Electricity Consumption 2020

Key Findings

  • Electricity consumption by data centres increased by 144% between 2015 and 2020. The increase between January to March 2015 and October to December 2020 was 193%.
  • The percentage of metered electricity consumed by data centres rose from 5% in 2015 to 11% in 2020. This was an increase of 1,783 Gigawatt hours between 2015 and 2020.
  • Total metered electricity consumption increased by 10% or 2,456 Gigawatt hours between 2015 and 2020.
  • Quarterly metered electricity consumption by data centres increased steadily from 290 Gigawatt hours in the first quarter of 2015 to 849 Gigawatt hours in the fourth quarter of 2020

Yep, the Data centres are big and growing energy users in Ireland.

Rest assured, if the power ever fails, these data centre locations have serious investments in backup plant on location, you know, the super duper dirty diesel carbon emitting kind - so while the worlds data is kept online in a power outage, the natives will sit in the dark and wonder were it all went wrong and maybe they might for a moment ponder, how they got to shoulder the burden of the rest of the worlds carbon footprint, to become carbon slaves in a carbon dump with carbon swamp creatures, happy to keep carbon kip, in check for the carbon cabal, carbonism, but solidarity man :fist: and do not think for one moment, that it is violence against your freedom… no, do not mistaken the toughness of being green as inter-generational-genocidal-violence. :frog:

I think those generators are fired up daily between 5 and 7pm.

I could be wrong.