Ireland braces for Dell January jobs announcement … ouncement/


good sweet jeysus.

WTF happens if that is true???
Holy fuckerooney, What would be the equivelent of this in the states or the UK?

Nah, not going to happen, otherwise Ire is fucked, properly

The only thing is, at least they don’t appear to be pulling out of Cherrywood as well.

I’m not sure the tribune would run with such a story if they didn’t know it to be true. Think of the panic this is going to cause many families today, tens of thousands of families. I really don’t think this is cheap tabloid reporting.

There seems to be a general campaign now to prepare the public for serious stuff looking at the two artiles quoted here today

even though its much too late for nay other their measures to have any immediate affect.

Tribune’s reputation is on the line with this story.

Dis mus b de knowlege ekonimy dat bertie maid frus

das righ and its not bleedin deadly. itz bleedin all over the place cuse its dead. Bleedin dead. Brown fucking bread.

If this is true why isn’t it front page news?

its really just more scaremongering.
january is EOY for dell so any big announcements will of course be made then, however there is no substance to the article, other thandell will make its EOY announcement and the IDA is bracing itself for a potentially big announcement.

very irresponsible reporting and i am getting sick of this type of thing popping up every other week

Its a depression not a recession. Better get out my granny’s gramaphone, sepia pictures, catho tube wireless, jitterbug to Duke Ellington & Ol Satchmo.

oh yeah, my grandfather’s suit and top hat might be lying around somewhere.

That’s up to 6% off GDP (7% off GNP) in one fell swoop. … l=en&s=gen

Wasnt this to be announced a few times already. Wasnt there a thread on it here? Isnt it still there?

Looks as if Yogan will have to re estimate his contraction figures for next year, I think it was 10% at last count.

Yes, it will be the most unshocking shocking announcement in history when it eventually comes to pass.

Dell pulling out of Limerick, well whuda thunk it. I can see the headline now

“Low margin manufacturing operation relocates from one of the most expensive countries in the world to somewhere cheaper”

Truly earth shattering stuff.

You mean nobody else factored in this sort of event? (One of the MNC’s leaving) - I suppose it’s not in the bell curve of probabilities…

This wouldn’t be the end of limerick in the same way that Digital’s demise in Galway wasn’t.
Ask any business leaders in Galway and they will tell you that Digital closing made the city a lot stronger and a lot more diversified.

There’s a bit of a difference between Galway and Limerick and the scale of this is off the chart when you factor in all the sub-suppliers. This will devestate employment across the Mid-West.

How about “Nobody saw it coming”?

There will still be 1,500 people employed at Cherrywood.

Yeah, to continue selling Dells to all the universities and government departments (running Microsoft software).

When I was in university, our department had no choice but to buy Dell. I think there was a HP option at one stage.

I hope that if Dell do leave, Irish government, businesses and consumers will boycott their products.