Ireland cannot afford debt, warns former IMF chief, Indo/NYT

The mood music is changing.
Get ready for FF’s next line of media spoof.

Sorry Mr Johnson, but acclaimed author broadcaster & economics expert Marc Coleman told me to ignore stuff like this. I don’t see enough balanced positivity here, people like you talking down this wonderful country, begone with your doom mongering.

We are also aiming to emulate Ethiopia’s & Bangladesh’s marvellous economic successes by increasing our population to 150 million by 2050. So families will only owe a tenner each and it’ll all be grand. Haven’t you read “The Best Is Yet To Come”

It’s available from all balanced positive bookshops. Buy one get ten free.

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Great comment albeit a highly depressing one.

I like Johnson’s concise and accurate summaries. There is no waffle here. That comment about media control in Ireland is so true.