Ireland First cabal

Ireland First, but as long as we don’t have to shell out anything more than secretarial fees?

long article on her in current phoenix too.

“Equality Authority chairwoman Angela Kerins said the continuing years of austerity would put a strain on relationships in the workplace.”

Kerins showing signs of strain under the crushing weight of austerity. Annual salary 234K + pension + car … 01647.html

She’s FF to the backbone. Maybe she could throw her ring in the hat for pres?

That could be a helluva a big ring to try an fit in a hat, you might need to throw that into something bigger.

Very much the face of the ruling class enemy…

So why exactly is a job that should pay 70K worth 240K?

Time to grill One51 chiefs on bizarre events - Nick Webb → … 73118.html

Woman who’s made €220,000 off state quangos - Cormac Quinn → … 82190.html

I bet you are pleased you did that back in 2011!

They tried to make her go to Rehab, she said yes! yes! yes!

Even if it took two and a half years, that was magnificent. Well worth the wait.

€4m in scratch card sales earned just €10,000 for Rehab - Fionnan Sheahan → … 38562.html

Rehab chief Angela Kerins won’t say what her current salary is - → … 8-Jan2014/

Rehab may face scrutiny amid CRC fallout - → … -1.1660974

Rehab was never close to Fine Gael, claims former boss - Fionnan Sheahan → … 42760.html

never close to FG you say! … -1.1664779

I’m no expert on company law, but it does’mt seem right to me that a Director could ‘sell’ his services to that Organisation…it just sets things up for trouble :angry:

Shane Ross: Don’t bank on ‘Fine Gael charity’ coming clean - → … 50119.html

Sunday Independent quality stuff from Ross. That’s about his level.

Kerins’ blue blood? The woman ran for the Fianna Fail national executive.

Department has no right to tell Rehab how to spend state cash – charity boss - Shane Phelan → … 76215.html … 90941.html

80 million received from other Government bodies in 2013.
HSE gives 50.2 million
Department of Justive gives 2.6 million
Solas/FAS gives 26 million

It is a monster of an organisation and it appears it specialises in extracting money from Government, not rehabilitation.

“Less than 1c from €2 scratch hits charity”

Is this not a good thing? The pay out on the rehab scratch card is much higher than the national lottery.

Rehab benefited from scratch card sales by taking a larger share of Lottery money and giving more back to their supporters.