Ireland: From Boom To Bust

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An excellent post. Thanks for that.

“The SUV is a substantial investment”

LMAO - nothing like a highly depreciating asset like a motor propelled vehicle.

Listening to that chef reminiscing about how great it was that we were beating London in the League of quaffing expensive wine, and that “we grew up during the Boom” and that it was “a party”, just shows that many of us have learnt nothing from the so called boom to bust.
Ireland handled like its new-found money like James Brown handled success.
Nothing to suggest we (not all)wont do the same again.

Its an investment in their image!

In fairness, what kind of a choice was Richard Corrigan as a contributor? He’s been living in the UK for the last 25 years. And what are these Irish restaurants he has they referred to? The only one I’m aware of is Bentley’s which only opened last year. He was involved in setting up the Mill at Lyons (which closed after about eighteen months) but I don’t think he was involved day-to-day and even then it only opened in late 2006, so he was somewhat late to the “party”.

Pay no attention to young Richard. When it comes to talking shite the guy is second to none.

Summation of Irelands bust as viewed from Australia … st-of-all/