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Has the German Government forgotten its own history. A reason for the upheaval of the 1930s was the perceived injustice of the Treaty of Versailles inflicted on it in terms of War Reperations. They now see as just to crush small nations like Ireland, even if we are largely to blame

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I especially liked the quotes from the New Statesman.

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With all due respect man we can hardly compare 2011 Ireland to 1920s germany, and the Germans know it. So the Irish have stopped buying Audis, Mercs and BMWs every 2 years. Boo fucking hoo.

One thing I’ve noticed watching coverage of the quake in Japan. How ordinary most of the cars that have ended up on the roof are. A prosperous powerhouse, one of the biggest economies in the world, and lots of the people drive modest suzuki wagon Rs or nissan micras. The houses look modest enough too from what you can make of them. Not detached 2,500 sq foot mcmansions with pool rooms for johnny the plumber and mary who works in tesco. The boom years has distorted the preception of ‘normal’ and ‘essential’ in Ireland. And it pisses the old Europeans off.

Owning a car is horrifically expensive in Japan and most of the small cars and vans you saw were kei cars, a special category of small vehicle that escapes some of the worst excesses of the Japanese system.

Our Lisbon II chickens are coming home to roost. All the promises seem pretty hollow now: … z1GnwTyTkZ

I think it’s high time to threaten the Germans with having to bail out their own banks instead of having the Irish do it for them.

Personally I smelled a rat with the European project back at the time of Nice II. I’d voted for every European treaty up to that point, and voted yes for Nice. However, once the people had spoken I did not expect the government to come back looking for a better answer. When they did I changed my mind and voted no. I voted no on both Lisbon referenda. I’ve always been, and still am, in favour of EEC-style economic cooperation. I’m not even implacably opposed to political union. But I no longer believe in the current pretence at European democracy. {click picture}

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Well I personally think its disgusting that these multi billion dollar profit companies enjoy generous tax breaks while the man on the street gets screwed, but thats what globalization is about…At least we should just admit that we cant compete with an educated workforce bla bla etc etc and that were just a tax haven for multi nationals…If anything we should push for EU wide tax harmony, maybe they wont have a reason to leave then,compared to when their offered 0-12%

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My sentiments exactly, although I’ve still been labelled “Euro Sceptic” or “Anti-European” for opposing the current model, which infuriates me TBH.

It’s similar if you dare question the figures behind global warming - it’s not long before some Eco-Faschist tries to shout you down, calling you a “Climate Denier”.