Ireland in 10 years?

Found this amusing, and sad, and the bit about buying flash cars that for roads that can’t handle them - well - sound like Ireland, doesn’t it?


But maybe we could operate a detention centre for the rest of the EU - offshore island, restricted access to the Mainland (and I mean the real Mainland, not the yUK!) - could be a real money-spinner!

Plolice with a Lambo … nah … never. well maybe … 80x960.htm

Seriously though, and interesting article. The suggestions that if you hitch your waggon to one horse and don’t build a diverse and stable economy dire consequences will emerge echo the warnings DMcW has been saying for some time. He used South America as the model but the outcome is the same.

Blue Horseshoe

Reeling in the Years did 1987 this evening. Apparently Gerry Ryan was nicknamed “Lambo”, after allegedly murdering a lamb for nourishment in order to survive in the wilds of the west of Ireland while on a Late Late survivor type show.

I think it turned out to be rubbish afterwards and was found to have been a mere exercise in self publicisation on the part of the bould Mr. Ryan

Remember it well, he was on a survival programme and in a piece of hyperbole claimed he had been forced to kill a lamb by hitting it over it’s head with a stone wrapped up in his sock :slight_smile: he was incredibly convincing… until … the “we love cuddly mammals” brigade threw a wobbly and a sheepish Gerry (if you’ll excuse the pun) was forced to reclaim that they paid a farmer to shoot it.

Gerry Ryan… entertaining at times but definitely full of shite :laughing: