Ireland in a nutshell?

Just noticed an article on Ireland here … -mess.html

What stood out for me was this quote “There are around 3,000,000 Irish taxpayers.”.

This got me thinking. Shouldnt there be a crib sheet of salient, verifiable facts that bloggers etc… can draw upon when assessing/writing and article on the Irish economy.

If Pinsters were to collectively write a one page summary of Ireland and its current economy for distribution to such bloggers, what would go on the page?
What (with refs) would you consider crucial information for those considering Irelands prospects?

As I have repeatedly stated, it is my view that a determined media onslaught will attempt to portray the situation in Ireland as under control/bottoming out/improving.
I further think that Pinsters underestimate the effect this may have on the outcome.
Blogs with such obviously incorrect ‘information’ leave the blogosphere open to criticism whereby any attempt at alternative analysis is undermined by one simple error.

So what, in a concise and readable way, are the facts that you would present?

Well lets start with this statistic.

How many taxpayers are there in Ireland?

I think I read recently on here just around 1m, not 3m as stated above.

Which explains to me the relatively mute response to the outrageous bank guarantee - it only directly affects 1 in 4 people today, in their pocket, and out of their wages.

(Of course in time it affects everyone in the decline of services and infrastructure etc, but todays children can’t really be aware what a stitch up they have been given by the banks and politicians).

Its their future that was sold out from under them.

However as our Masters are only too cynically aware, the kiddies are hardly in a position to give our Political and Banking classes the right Royal kicking they deserve.

Lads there are roughly 3 million tax-payers in Ireland.

You are confusing taxpayers with Income tax payers.

You are not alone in making this mistake.


Now this I dont get.

Aside from the income taxpayers and pensioners, who makes up the other 1.5 million-odd economic agents?

The only way this might work is by separating tax income so that PRSI, DIRT and income tax from one person is counted as three different incomes from different economic agents which of course is wrong.

So who, or what, are these other payers?


Bullshyte… there are 1.8m people “employed” out a population of 4.3m all of which pays tax in some form.

Where does the 3 million come from? as even a child pays tax when he/she buys a packet of sweets.

In 2008 there where 2.2million employed with 990,000 paying no income tax the blog is factually incorrect.

Value added tax, Second property tax, Capital gains tax, Deposit interest retention tax, Capital acquisitions tax, Excise tax, Plastic bag levy, Vehicle Registration Tax, Motor tax and a fair few more…

Sicily of northern Europe?

Generally speaking, indirect tax payers are not counted when calculating the number of tax payers. Generally it equals the number of employed + the number of self-employed filing a tax return.

PS Mack commented with the correct numbers and Richard (who wrote the post) has corrected the post… mistakes happen. Some blogs are better at correcting them than others.

So… what?
There are or there aren’t 3 million taxpayers?

What is the current population? 3.8M. That’s pretty much the total number of tax payers.

The take from VAT (consumption tax) most years is about the same as from income tax. About one third of total tax revenue from each. The last third is all the other taxes which pretty much everyone pays, directly or indirectly.

4.3 million is the population.

Any journo/PR man wanting to destroy the credibility of internet commentators need look no further.

If Pinsters are at sixes and sevens about this simple issue… there is no hope.