Ireland in NAMA garage sale

From the time we were invaded by the Normans around 1170, we have been unable to cope with foreigner invaders, mainly because we are naive as a nation and ill prepared for the way others think. Our battles have never compared to the ferocity of the type of warfare conducted in Europe. We lack vital experience in the large scale, systematic combat that the Europeans engage in. And of course we never went to war for extra territorial conquest - unless it was as a proxy for the Brits.

In the battle with the Normans we wore no armour, had no knowledge of archery and fought with knives. Wearing armour would be “unmanly”… Irish warfare was, and still consists of, plundering and pillaging off one another. The Anglo Norman invaders were unlike the personalised villains of our petty parochial squabbles with motives that we didn’t comprehend. They had better war technology, were skilled archers , fought in divisions and wore armour - so it didn’t take long for them to penetrate the country, take possession of large territories and take control of major ports. Our poor ancestors must have felt that a great unstoppable tsunami had taken over the island.

Nothing much has changed. We still fight among ourselves satisfying our bloodlust negatively by seeking satisfaction against a generation of entrepreneurs, some of whom are just not worth the energy expended (others might actually be capable of taking us out of this mess), while our more sophisticated and ruthless neighbours prepare to take the country from us at a bargain basement price. We’ll be lucky if it only takes us another 900 years to buy it back.

Forget the bloody Normans, its those Celts I have a problem with. Here we were with a pretty nice late Bronze Age society, not perfect, but not too warlike either. In comes those bunch of yahoos from across the sea (immigrants would n’t you know) with their iron weapons, herds of cattle and a culture of raiding and war clans. At first the stuck to the low lands, clearing the land with their heavier iron tools but before long they starting raiding the uplands and before you know it they had either enslaved all the locals or else driven them into the implementable wastes.

Although militarily dominant the celtic cattle raiding culture was unstable by its very nature so was never able to consolidate its hold over the whole country in any stable form. So when the climate became less favorable after the 5’th century it degenerated into a vicious cycle of continues warfare that depopulated large tracts of the country.

And that’s when the Scandinavians appeared on the scene to do some raiding of their own. For slaves, mostly.

Plus ca change…

Celts never had much of an impact even let alone “invaded” if they were ever an identifiable a cohesive grouping.
Look to Egypt, north Africa and the vikings I think have left the most lasting cultural impact.

Read Atlantean or watch the movie, we’ve been the quiet rouge island for a long time part of a laundering operation that goes back centuries. So the IFSC is simply another manifestation of the same state of behavior.

The Iron Age settlers followed pretty much the same routes and modus operandi that the Normans did 1500 years later, and with pretty much the same impact. Lots of archeological evidence, the best summary of the current state of play is Vol 1 of the OUP’s New History of Ireland. A great bedtime read, if you can lift it.

It doesn’t really matter which of our invading ancestors were worst.
The point is that with the help of NAMA they are about to rape us again.
The media short planks and the politicians will put so much pressure on the NAMA board to get rid of the toxic properties that they will be sold to foreign vulture funds at knockdown prices, creating a loss on the NAMA acquisition price.
If the loss ratio is the same as that suffered by Sweden under similar circumstances then NAMA is going to sell this stuff for a 20 billion loss to the taxpayer.
So whether it’s Celts, Vikings or Normans it makes no difference. It just means the foreigners and their local lackeys, the bankers, are screwing us again.