"Ireland is no pig" - Wilbur Ross

telegraph.co.uk/finance/news … banks.html

too many retirees…too many benefits…and he thinks we’re not a pig?

I don’t like the term “Piigs”
if only Slovakia could fall prey to the markets
then at least the term could be “GIPSIS” pronounced “Gypsies”

people that are too lazy for hard work
preferring to live off the hard work of the core countries :angry:

It’s not that people are too lazy for hard work, it’s that they continue to spend and live beyond their means.

I don’t like the term PIIGs either, especially as we’ve got such a dynamic IT industry in this country.
That’s why from now on we should call em the iPIGs :open_mouth:

If people didn’t “live beyond their means” many business would fail simply because consumers wouldn’t spend, they would only buy the essentials and save the rest.

The western world has been configured to turn people into consumers who can have it today and pay for it tomorrow, people should remember that when they criticize others for living beyond their means. :sick:

So the only way to improve our economy is for everyone to max out their credit?