"Ireland may call in IMF if Economy Worsens, RTE Reports"


Euro dropped about a cent after those comments


how much feckin’ sake has he been drinking in Tokyo? :open_mouth:

Surely this is just a threat to the unions?

The amount this comment will cost in extra interest payments on govt debt though… we could probably have employed a couple of public sector types with that money.

His way of scaring the shite out of the public sector to accept the paycuts and redundancies coming.

This is all very silly. The government knows what action must be taken but seem to be politically unwilling to do so.

Yet more evidence if needded that Cowen is a gobshite of the highest order. Hasn’t he even got the common sense god gave an ameoba, you don’t talk this kind of crap on the record ever as leader of the country.


Question? is he A/ telling the truth, or B/ Trying to prime the public sector unions for cuts or, C/ Both because the government have finally admitted they havent a feckin clue what they are doing. :unamused:

Don’t be talkin us down now Brian, you’re starting to sound like one of those doom mongers :angry:

If you work on the basis that what politicians actually say in public tends to be quite a bit less dramatic than what is actually happening then I owuld suggest that we are quite a way towards this actually happening.

Unless hes preparing the ground for some heavy heavy slash and burn moves

Says the man still on his Christmas holidays and earning €300k plus expenses …


A blend of all three I suspect. This has got to be an attempt to scare the PS into agreeing wage (and perhaps job) cuts.

Clowen can tell the unions that he would love to raise PS pay, but the bull-boy IMF is forcinghim to do the exact opposite.

I think this is how Fianna Fail roll, its how they justify everything to themselves. They do what the people want…populist party. People wanted to get rich quick on property they helped that!
If people dont want pay cuts FF will let it end up with the IMF

Back peddling, now that’s something our Government leads the world in!

hes a complete idiot and should resign now and stay in fuckin Japan :imp:

Theres plenty of economic talent here to advise what has to be done so there is no need to make the situation worse by calling in more buffoons from the IMF.

If this is Cowens way of threating the unions he must be the worst negotiator on the planet. If he is trying to wash his hands of the mess he played a huge part in creating why not just resign? and where the fuck are the greens in all this?

if i was the German/French PM i`d be wondering how we let these Irish clowns join the EEC back in 73 was it?

Could someone please explain what is the point in calling in the IMF to solve our problems?
My understanding is the IMF is ultimately underwritten by the US government, which is now broke, and so now lacks the clout to really get on top of things.
Doesn’t going to the IMF just satisfy the ‘something must be done brigade’ but only perpetuate the problem of overpaid bankers, consultants and the rest, all endlessly billing the taxpayer whopping fees to ‘deal’ with the problem :question:

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Should he commit [*Seppuku * (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seppuku)?