Ireland 'needs Celtic Phoenix era'

That’s right folks, we need a Phoenix to rise from the ashes… … =152670676


Better maintain those wages. The world will catch up to the high value services and goods we offer like, eh, low-tax company incorporation, eh, and, um, R&D tax breaks to defray the cost of wages, eh, no, that doesn’t sound right…

Anyone know what he means by,
“underutilised electromagnetic spectrum.”

Its not like we can export that!? What’s his angle, deregulate it and start a domestic bubble?

wasn’t he iona - and did they not originate out of a trinity tech firm?
exactly the type of thing we should b trying to replicate.

like baltimore froim a tech pov - without the old gil element

Well, I’ve mentioned it myself on this board a few times I think, every country has an “underutilised electromagnetic spectrum” but ours is perhaps more underutilised than most, particularly at the lower frequency ranges. We cannot export the stuff but we certainly could encourage use of Ireland as a testing ground for technologies planning to use the recently and soon to be reassigned frequencies in other countries such as the United States.

Of course this would require some authoritative and decisive leadership from ComReg and men of vision in government soon I wouldn’t assign much hope to it ever happening in any large scale fashion.

And it won’t save the country either.

= Shit Telecom Regulation and hoarding of licenced spectrum by the likes of eircom who do not use it.