Ireland 'Planning for 10 million' - David McWilliams

The island of Ireland, yes the one which could be united one way or another by 2050, will have a population heading towards 10 million. The economic, social and infrastructural conversations over the next few years must be framed within the notion of “Planning for 10 million”. It works as a slogan. It is easy to grasp and, in the transition to a united island, it has more transcendent and imaginative breadth than a simple and divisive sectarian headcount. In fact, even if the electorates rejected the idea, we’d still have to plan for 10 million.

A new united Ireland must plan for a population of 10 million | David McWilliams

Ireland 2040 half a million migrants is on the runway to being achieved. Early

Really, what McWilliams is signalling here is that the next milestone is the population of 10 million in a United Ireland by 2050. Whether or not Paddy and William agree to it.

This mirrors the research in the UK where the Brits will be a minority in their own country by 2066.

McWilliams is effectively signposting to the plebs who take interest in these developments, that the Irish will be a minority in Ireland by 2050.

McWilliams goes into this in more detail in his recent podcast. He has a sidekick who plays the straight man idiot routine, Sideshow Bob guffaws at the suggestion that there are more migrants in Ireland now than there are Unionists, how to endear oneself north of the border eh. Soon there will be double the migrants to the Unionist population.

All of this will be resolved amicably somehow, despite the lessons of history suggesting otherwise, and a further 1.9 million migrants will arrive from this point onwards to bring the Irish to this Globalist calamity, by hook or by crook.

Given their success with run rates for the Ireland 2040 dictate, in a few short years, sure why wait till 2050. Won’t 2047 be the bicentenary of Black '47.

Migrants will be a key driving force of the new population, projected to rise to 19.7 per cent by 2051 according to the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council – that means roughly one in five people. In the North, lower immigration will take the foreign-born share of the population up from about 7 per cent today to about 9.3 per cent by 2045. This implies that by 2050, about 1.87 million (17.8 per cent) of the all-island population will be foreign-born. Ethnically, if we include the second- and third-generation immigrants – the Irish-born children of immigrants in the country today and in recent decades – this figure obviously rises. We will see a multi-ethnic island in the decades ahead, an island where concepts of “Irishness” will be more fluid than we are used to.

To put this in the rather blunt context of the island’s identity politics, there are already more immigrants on the island than there are unionists. In a few decades, there’ll be twice as many. We can’t presume to know their view on a united Ireland.

Planning for 10 Million people - The David McWilliams Podcast | Acast

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10 million people
But not in Dalkey

We don’t even have enough gaffs for 5m people, but I don’t think that will stop Varadkar’s plantation agenda.

I don’t think it’s his plantation agenda. More likely he’s a tool implementing the agenda.

Who’s agenda is it?
There’s something to consider… :thinking:

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He was an economist first and only a johnny come lately as a propagandist shill so I assume he held out for the market clearing price


Hence, the Irish becoming a minority

You do the maths

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Down in cork he’d be known as a langer

Ryan hates Ireland and our people
But he’d come over all shocked if that was pointed out to him

World population is now over 8 billion.
By the end of the century the projections are that sub saharan africa will be home to 1 in 3 of the worlds population…huge huge implications for somewhere like Ireland (and Europe) unless the current open doors policies change. Talk of climate refugees needs to be knocked on the head promptly.

If current thinking prevails then our grandchildren will be strangers in their own homeland.

World population adds 200,000 people a day. A Cork city every day.

Meanwhile, in the Dail…

Link contains audio of the letter read out by Noel Grealish. Broadcasted on Galway Bay FM news yesterday.

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By Hook or by Crook :whistle:

‘Migration status’ may be added as protected category under hate crime law – The Irish Times

‘Migration status’ may be added as protected category under hate crime law

Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences Bill includes 10 protected characteristics including race, religion, gender and disability.

Independent TD Thomas Pringle submitted an amendment adding immigration status as a protected characteristic, noting the recent surge in anti-immigrant activity in the country.

“I think in the current climate that it is important it is recognised in such a way,” he told Mr Harris. He submitted migration status should including people with permission to remain in Ireland as well as people with no status.

The Minister replied that some characteristics in the Bill are based on those contained in Prohibition of Incitement To Hatred Act 1989 with additional ones being added following extensive consultation with minority groups.

The intent was to target the most common type of hate-based crimes in the country, he said. However Mr Harris said he can “instinctively” see the benefit of adding migration status as an additional category, an amendment which was also tabled by Bríd Smith of People Before Profit and Pa Daly of Sinn Féin.

Mr Harris said that while he supports the TDs intentions, he has to seek legal advice on the matter before making any commitment. “From a policy perspective I’d like to do it,” he said. “I will consider it and report back at committee stage.”