Ireland risks becoming 'the next Argentina', says Wolf

Ireland risks becoming ‘the next Argentina’, says Wolf - Emmet Oliver -> … -says-wol/

So, Japan, Iceland, Argentina, or Zimbabwe. Which is it to be?

All of the above have their own currencies, we don’t. To leave the safety net of the EURO would require balls, and none of the establishment has this. If we were to do so then Argentina would be our fate initially.

When the market calls our bluff we are going to have to throw ourselves at the mercy of the EU governing council.

Martin Wolf is a heavyweight commentator, no doubt.

Still, I have this niggling suspicion when I hear prophets of doom lately.
Clearly theres money to be made in this at the moment; profits of doom, if you will.

Schiff, Roubini et al… I dont necessarily disagree with them but take em all with a pinch of salt.

What seasoning do you use when the two Brians speak?


What do the prediction markets say about this?

If significant amounts of money are being put behind his prediction, then I am minded to take it seriously. If it is not, well, onto the heap it goes.


Wolf cries “boy what rain”
The season of gloom is upon us.
Grandmothers beware! … e-warning/

I think they will choose the Argentina :nin

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