Ireland’s Gormley Says Enough Land for Homes Until 2075

So how does that affect the value of the land NAMA will acquire?

And goes to prove the windfall tax is a farce.

Lennyballs will simply call that VLTEV , V as in Very

I am most disappointed that Gormley still sees NAMA around in 2075, does anybody know a journo who might pick up on that aspect of the speech ?? :frowning:

Key words - “some areas of the country”.

No one off houses till 2075 when all the zoned land is finally used up :slight_smile:

This is enough zoned lands to build homes that are the least sqm per capita in the lowest density population in the EU!!!

Thank you Green Party, you’re all heart… :unamused:

Not only do we have enough zoned land to last until 2075 we have already built the houses too.

Stop saying houses… The CSO reports them as dwellings but a one bedroom apartment in Longford is not a home.

The news at one on RTE also mentioned this.
Their interpretation though was more concise than the original article.

If demand for housing remained as at **PEAK **times, and building remained at **PEAK **times, then we have enough land till 2070.
i.e. If the boom continued for the next SIXTY YEARS (at peak levels), then zoned land would only run out in 2070.

This site here knows how outrageous peak building output was for a country of the size of Ireland. We were building marginally less than the UK who were also in a building boom, but they have a population 20 times greater.

If at peak we were outputting 140k units per year, then in the next 60 years thats 8million + units.
What class of a population were we expecting? 20 or 30 Million people?
Leitrim with a population now of 40k having 1 million by 2070?

And the plan was to have all these newlings employed in what?
Still building houses till 2070 to house the people fresh off the boat (who obviously come to ireland to build houses for the next off the boat again)
Of had the government some canny plan to find jobs for these 30 million souls?

Its so absurd its laughable.

These 2 green lads need to,

True, but with a well placed knock of a sledge hammer, 3 one bed apartments could be turned into a single home.

And even with those 3 into 1 maths, we probably still have enough homes to last till 2075.


OMG are we doomed in 2075?

2075 is like 11 multiplied by something!!!

I can safely say I won’t see 2075

I’m sorry.

I voted for one of them.