Ireland’s NAMA Plans to Set up Funds for Real Estate Investo … stors.html

just in case anyone else was wondering David Clerkin seems to be the former Sunday Bus Post guy … d-clerkin/

Great… An obscurantist semi-state agency getting in the REIT business.
What could possible go wrong?

Investment in property back on the cards for this year - → … 40243.html

A most important, yet ultimately depressing, quote.
After all this time, they just don’t get it.

The irony is that the government, with one hand, is trying it’s utmost to push property prices higher, whilst with the other hand, scratching it’s head in an effort to come up with ‘job creation’ ideas.

The frustration with these muppets is enough to make you suicidal !

Was not the ‘drip drip’ approach not supposed to not crash the market?

So a sleight-of-hand offload to apparent “foreign” entities with all kinds of secretive backstops and guarantees for the carefully chosen investor …

Yes, I can see no downsides here.

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Tax breaks for property sector - Ciaran Hancock → … 11337.html