Ireland: SECOND HIGHEST property price increase GLOBALLY!!!!


Read all about it! … ty-prices/

It takes some neck to stick a headline like that on an article with a table showing that house price growth is practically guaranteed to turn negative. Understatement of the year is that the rate of growth has “slowed somewhat”.

people who get excited by headlines don’t read the details …shame on you for ruining their buzz :astonished:

What a load of bullcrap yet again from RTE.
An agent called recently about a property in Dublin, great investment opportunity blah blah blah.
Eh, how many properties on that road are in arrears or have been repossessed?
Gosh, what a question, no one’s asked that before, could I get back to you on that?
Wait a moment you just told be your company valued it at X, so you must have that information available.
Um, no, I don’t.

Goes to show how well 2pack called the bottom of the property market in 2012.

Give it another while. We might need predictions for Bottom 2.0. :smiling_imp: