Ireland Sharia Law

15 years ago the Anti-IrishTimes ran this article:

Would Sharia Law Work In Ireland?

Stoning and amputation might grab the headlines, but sharia law is as much a moral code as a legal one, and many in Ireland’s Muslim community would like to see it practised here in certain cases, writes Mary Fitzgerald

A 2006 poll found that more than a third - 36 per cent - of Irish Muslims surveyed would prefer if Ireland were ruled under sharia law. Some Muslim clerics here play down such findings but say they would favour the introduction of separate sharia-based civil courts that Irish Muslims could use for family-related matters.

…The European court of human rights has twice ruled that sharia is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy, citing its rules on inheritance, women’s rights and religious freedom as violating human rights.

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Dublin 15


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Albert Pike would be proud.

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A little taste

Not posting for thing in Sweden but that as well, but across the Irish Sea it seems like a very interesting exchange (lower tweet / reply) :

UK again

Welcome to the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham (BIRMINGHAM UK)

This mosque has just been granted 2.2 million quid by the government for promoting youth services.

So what’s todays lesson?

Well, here’s a bit of it below.

Todays lesson is how to stone a woman to death according sharia law.

I kid you not.

Apparently you must be sure to bury her up to her waste to protect her decency.

Sub human behaviour being preached, with no comeback, no comeback at all.

Cat Stevens

Swiss fine a grand for wearing the burka

“It will be illegal to conceal one’s face in public in Switzerland. Parliament has accepted the government’s bill implementing the so-called anti-burka initiative at federal level, including a fine of up to CHF1,000 ($1,115) for those who flout the ban.”

IrishInquiry Sharia Law

Sure it could be anywhere, it’s great! :dipso:

AL&Hu Taliban

A two-state solution in the future perhaps…

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