Ireland to resettle millions of Palestinian Gaza Refugees

After Christmas, not before.

We’ll get tens of thousands for sure.




I have sympathy for what Israel and Hamas have done to ordinary Palestinians, but this shit is going too far.


When I read that, my first thought was Martin was warning him the radicalizing of Irish youth (green agenda, multiculturalism, immigration, lbgtq, trans, etc).

But no, he doesn’t mean that at all.

Why is Martin discussing geopolitics with the mayor of this place?

I don’t know, but can you imagine the scene?

A self-aggrandizing bore like Martin from an island backwater rolling into town and lecturing them. The Israeli’s won’t give a stuff about anything he says and they wouldn’t be able to shuffle him out the door fast enough.


He’s either:

  • Negotiating
  • Listening very carefully as he is told
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the size of Ireland's Gaza Strip fugee Quota getting ready to ship out.

So like New Year Sales that now start before New Year’s we may be offered bargains to beat a lifetime of Black Friday’s on your birthday in advance, maybe, just in time for Christmas, so one might assume then it will be Christian Palestinians only at the table Winter.

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Propaganda ground work being laid for further cash demands and resettlement.

Again, the Irish political establishment seems to be at the forefront of antagonising Israel and will presumably be smeared as anti Semitic any day now. As I said before it is very unusual to see the likes of Varadkar go offside like this. :thinking:

Effectively Boycott, Divest, Sanction of Israel is openly discussed in Leinster House, and that doesn’t happen everywhere around the World. No chance of seeing it in Westminster or Washington that is for sure. Or Buenos Aires it seems.

It would be inconsistent with this if they turned around now and helped Israel to empty Gaza.

TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR has told the Dáil “we can’t continue to aid Palestine and trade with Israel in the way we have done in the past. That’s going to have to change in some way”.

During Leaders’ Questions, Varadkar was asked about what consequences Israel will face for their actions in Gaza in recent weeks.

In terms of sanctions, Varadkar said he is strongly of the view that they can only happen on a multilateral basis.

He said the whole point of imposing sanctions is to do harm to the country that’s being sanctioned and not the country imposing the sanctions.

Varadkar said that is why it should be done on a multilateral basis, but added that “we’re nowhere near that point” at European or international level.

The Taoiseach said he has said it before at European meetings, “we can’t continue to aid Palestine and trade with Israel in the way we have done the past. That’s going to have to change in some way”.

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald said the South African government and others have referred Israel to the International Criminal Court, calling for Ireland to do the same.

The Spanish government and the Norwegian parliament “are moving to formally recognise the Palestinian State”, said McDonald.

“Ireland must do the same,” she told Varadkar.

She added that the Belgian government has called for sanctions against Israel, also stating that Ireland must do the same and reiterate calls for a ceasefire.

Varadkar: ‘We can’t continue to aid Palestine and trade with Israel in the way we’ve done in the past’ (