Ireland's Ahern Says Euro's Gain to Record Has Hurt Economy

It’s not like Bertie to say something negative. Perhaps someone should remove his shoelaces.

Bertie is blaming the rising price of the EURO, he should look elsewhere.

I think Berie has trouble with the whole exchange rate thing.

“Euros? Sterling? Dollars? I dunno…”

Bertie wants lower rates. He can go and sing for them, he 'aint gonna get them.

Leave the poor man alone. We are the second richest country in the world and if the great man left where would we be? Sure who would remember getting big wads of cash 13 years later :angry:

I posted on this a long time ago.

I predicted that the Govt will eventually lay blame on outside influences.
This is the beginning I reckon.
The Govt know exactly what is going on I am convinced.

Of course.

I mean, they’re clearly thick.

But they’re not that thick.

My own opinion kids…

Bertie proved that he knows somethin’ about about nuthin’.

and all his advisors can only come up with this. bertie cannot function without his €600k per year advisors.