Ireland's housing crisis is completely normal


Conor Skegan - Chairman of the Government’s housing agency, advises the government to stop interfering in the housing market. Countries like Germany, France, Britain have 3 x times our level of homelessness. We have one of the lowest levels in Europe. He states “Irish people are guilty of insular thinking in relation to the housing crisis”. … 9?mode=amp

Fortunately he is leaving the agency next month - we won’t have to put up with these outbursts of reality anymore.


Yes, how dare we not compare ourselves to the lowest common denominator. If we wait long enough we might be able to get Zambian Habitat for Humanity volunteers to come over and build mud huts for us.


I’ve heard him interviewed several times.

The laws of libel forbid me saying what I really think of him.


It’s a ridiculous excuse for intransigence regardless of how factually correct he is. We should be striving to not be on that comparative scale.


What you’re thinking is fact so there’d be no libel

The scum really floats to the top in our little banana republic


Why did he take the job then? :angry:


He has made some interesting comments over 7 years in the job

  • **“Well, I’m the chairman of the Housing Agency and I will never buy a piece of property again. I rent.” 2014
  • “People are coming around to the idea that renting isn’t for losers.” 2015
  • “Only a fifth of the new demand that we will see for Irish homes will be for your standard three-bed semi, and builders haven’t realised that yet. They are like Rip Van Winkle. They have woken up [post-crisis], but they haven’t realised that the world has changed.” 2016**


Conor Skehan says it again: ‘Homelessness is a normal thing’ … 0-Nov2017/


It ain’t getting any better

House prices to rise 20% over the next three years, ESRI says … -1.3290711

They did say such a rate would not mean another property bubble was inflating - phew


Woohoo! Another free 20%, extra money!


I reckon that 20% figure will be reached in 20 months, not 36 at the current rate.
And credit only starting to really increase in the past 12 months.

We’re going to blow again


You know in the middle of all this hype. The CBI still saw net Mortgage lending fall by €21m up to Sept 2017. For month of sept. mortgage lending was up €300m but come on, these would bd drawdowns from the start of the summer selling season.
Jeysus Paddy was stuffing some amount of dough in the mattress all these years for this wall of cash to still keep paying out.

Not complaining, we still need to deleverage, but still a mystery we have this bubble emerging without a meaningful amount of mortgage credit.


what is the volume of houses sold?

I wonder if this is a signal for the big boys to sell quietly and exit stage left with bags of cash, while the rubes hold on hoping to get another 20%


CBI release each month will only show balance, not the underlying transactions. But Property price register could give approximation of volumes.


Leo Varadkar claimed at the Fine Gael Ard Fheis Party Conference that Ireland doesn’t have a homelessness problem. Of course he was using data that was incomplete and two years out of date but the real message was that he doesn’t actually give a fuck.


Thanks for the tip.

Taking Dublin, there are 15k entries on the PPR for 2015, 2016, and 13.3k so far in 2017 (probably will top the 16k )


He’s a planner. And an expert at “foresighting”

Planners are Ireland’s most doctrinaire, but least capable profession. But outrageously certain of themselves. When you’re really doctrinaire and certain it looks like you get to be in charge


FineGael re-appoint Conor Skehan for another year as Housing Agency chief … 61955.html

Simple incompetence.


The Patrick Neary of Housing.


Looks his rhetoric isnt welcomed by those in the homelessness crisis industry :angry: