Ireland's housing crisis is completely normal


Show me a link to what she said so that I can see the context. Was it in the context of the State normalising homelessness and dealing with it ineffectively through corporate management that only cares about moving people on to met statistical targets? That’s a ‘homeless industry’, and it’s the result of a government maintaining the policies that are creating the problem. They have created a housing crisis where it has become necessary to deal with the victims with industrial methods instead of addressing the actual needs of people on a one to one basis. That is the ‘homeless industry’ that Alice Leahy warned about. Using the term as a shitty attempt to attack those in need and those who volunteer their time and effort to help them is pathetic. Perhaps you might do better to focus on the cause of the housing crisis rather than the symptoms of it? But I suppose it’s easy to attack the weakest with this sneering bullshit?


The term is a bit pejorative.

But it is perfectly fair to state that there is a proliferation of agencies in Dublin whose task it is to manage homelessness. Between them they employ a lot of people and there are volunteers too.

DCC employs 4000 people - I would presume at least a hundred work on the homeless stuff too.

Personally I really have no idea about how effective the system is. I have never come across a good value for money review or performance audit.


It was said in the context as was outlined earlier, hence why I brought it up here.
So while it may not suit your argument, try not to twist it so ridiculosly to suit your agenda. Or to put words in MsLeahys mouth either.

I’m not sneering about anything. There’s more than enough money being spent on homelessness to solve the issue several times over. But as with evertyhing in this country, it becomes a racket with many snouts in the trough.
Anyone who dares question it is ‘right wing’, ‘uncaring’, ‘sneering’ etc etc.

As with the Health system, throwing money endlessly at the problem will not solve it. Your only feeding the monster


Alice Leahy’s own words from 2007. This is what was meant by a ‘homeless industry’.

No, you’re wrong. Homelessness is not a problem; it is a symptom. You can’t cure a symptom. Deal with the problem of no social housing and spiraling private rents. It’s very simple.


Skehan calls SF’s Eoin O’Broin a scallywag … 5941532672



I’ve no clue what that article was trying to be about. :confused:


We are all in the same boat as the author :slight_smile:


I know this guy gets derided on here and I am not sure if this article makes sense (I haven’t looked at the numbers) but he seems to be speaking to a discontinuity in thinking about housing. He makes it sound like a population who in the past went through pain for an SCD home will now spend mad money having the hipster craic in GCD before settling down in the (oft derided) outer commuter belt, which is becoming more attractive by virtue of their presence. It hints that the most conservative accommodation seekers of all - those who seek council housing close to the ma and the da and the nan (for entirely understandable reasons) are continuing to set the political agenda given their levels of expectation and closeness to the political system. He seems to regard this as a noisy sideshow to the overall trend.


homelessness is “normal” … 0599387138


Does anyone know exactly how many social housing units there are in Dublin as a whole?
And how many people officially live in them?
What percentage of all units is this?
What percentage of Dublin population is this?


Didn’t someone (McWilliams?) do something recently showing significant under-occupancy?


Karl Deeter. (There is no “housing crisis” there is an allocation of resources crisis) … 55933.html
*Thousands of Co Dublin council homes with four and five bedrooms have just one occupant, figures show.
More than 12,700 bedrooms in houses and apartments owned by the four Dublin local authorities are empty, while almost 10,000 people are living in emergency homeless accommodation.
* … 81119.html
More than 12,700 bedrooms in council-owned homes in Dublin are lying empty.


Hope I’m not derailing this thread but I just think that the whole system here in Ireland seems a bit crazy when we can have nearly Euro 100 Billion of household deposits in the banks during a housing crisis. That amount of money would buy hundreds of thousands of houses. … -1.3728846


Yeah, but there may be a rational fear that these homes (to be funded by private deposits) won’t be paid for. We also have 29,000 homes in the country who haven’t paid their mortgage in years. Depositors tend to have an issue with that kinda stuff.


It’s totally normal to have a certain level of cash on deposits by households.

I have high five figures for various reasons. I do not want to put this into new property, also for various reasons.

My grandmother is very old and very frugal. I believe she has a lot of cash on deposit. She is not interesting in buying stuff, and as she is very old, not much interested in longer terms and higher yields either.

So the cash just sits in the bank.


But I don’t need hundreds of thousands of houses and owning them is just too much hassle, as posters above have pointed out…


The country does need them though. And there’s plenty of money to pay for them. It seems ironic to me that we can’t seem to start building more houses given the circumstances.
I think people are quite brave to keep so much money in Irish banks also.


It is the job of the banks to lend money and hold deposits.

And they are doing both.

Is the output of the construction industry currently constrained by lack of finance?


Dublin County Council Deputy CEO Brendan Kenny on with Miriam O’Callaghan now discussing the housing crisis.

Miriam was horrified by Skeehan’s comments on the Claire Byrne show, homelessness is never normal she says.Kenny doesn’t agree with the comments either.

Kenny has also said that DCC are trying to buy hotels to put people up in but “it’s difficult in the current environment as international hotel chains are bidding against us” XX