Ireland's immigrants return home, fear of racism.

You’re forgetting the lawyers, doctors, chemists, publicans, veterinarians etc. etc. Ireland is full of closed shops and most of them aren’t run by what are usually thought of as labour unions.

The “professions” in Ireland have been feather-bedded to almost the same extent as the public sector and have at least as much political influence.

The preferred investment asset for many of these groups (and the political class) has traditionally been property. I believe that this goes some way to explaining the skewed tax treatment that it receives.

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This is a fundamentally flawed analysis of immigration.
In the USA there are not two and three generations of hispanics and each one has performed worse than the previous one.
It is widely believed it is because they came in such large numbers,uneducated ,unskilled.
They continue to speak spanish as a first language even two generations later.
The critical difference between 19th century immigration is that was required then was unskilled labour .It was in demand .There were no social welfare structures.It was sink or swim .Many sank but no one cared.

Now the hispanics can go on welfare and stay on it for generations.There is a huge overrsupply of labour.

This is the type of immigration we have had in Ireland.Most of it was for unskilled labour projects.The legacy will be a large rump of immigrants permanently on welfare and resented by Irish workers.