Irelands National Debtclock,

This is a beta created by a pin user. Development began early June. The inputs that these figures are derived from will cause some debate so we decided to get it up sooner rather than later so as that debate could happen please treat it as a beta and we will develop it accordingly to hopefully reflect the true nature of Ireland spiraling debt, its the new bubble kids :open_mouth:

Updated Irish Debt Clock -

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Why is the national debt per worker not increasing as the national debt increases? Thanks

Would Debt as a % of GNP be more appropriate than % of GDP? … _real.html

Apparently our GDP is a fiction.

The national debt figure is a model of opacity.

You have the Net National Debt, which is gross debt less lquid resources available to redeem the debt. That is the figure used in the clock. They way it is calculated is to take the opening balance of 50.4B (here to work out the debt at the end of the year and increment between the two.

Alternatively, there is a standard european definition, General Government Debt, which is higher as it does not allow the netting of liquid resources, so think it is a bit unrealistic.

The NTMA put the national debt at €65.3B which is 5B more that you would expect (and the click shows) at the end June 2009 but dont really provide clarity about what this comprises - ie is it timing differences in tax, money raised for the banks etc etc. Any clarity would be welcome.

The debt per worker is the debt per employee based on the employed numbers oer the quarterly household survey. ( … t/qnhs.pdf). For clarity it is per working person and not the labour force. It does increment, just far more slowly as the movement is 2millionths of the total number.

The live register is based on the June number adding 13k per month.

The gov income expenditure is based on the April estimates ( … 9-2013.pdf)

Anyway, any suggestions on what whould be included, excluded, corrected etc etc welcome.

The national debt figure is available for all to see on the home page:

However I like this idea of an online ticker; whether it’s morbid or a reality check I’m not sure yet :slight_smile:

Wonder what brave soul will request planning permission for an American-style debt clock right in the middle of O’Connell Street? Or would Kildare street be better? :slight_smile:

Sean Dunne will put one in Ballsbridge. As long as it’s on top of a 37 storey tower so everyone can see it.

Seeing as we couldn’t make the millenium clock waterproof, I can’t see this being much of a runner either! :laughing:

That should have been a clear sign of things to come :angry: