Ireland's private debt

Does anyone know where to find a definitive figure for the breakdown of Ireland’s external debt? I came across three links lately that have different figures

  1. The total external debt (€1.3 trillion), which I believe includes hedge funds etc.

  2. This ($867 billion) … ref=global

  3. This (€601 billion) … r-the-edge

  4. and 3) look similar enough. How is this figure arrived at? Looking at the picture in the second link, we would appear to have the debt characteristics of a major European nation, despite having a tiny population (€600bn works out as ~ €150,000 per man, woman and child). Is there a way to find out the breakdown of this debt?

What we have seen so far in the financial crisis is some private debt spilling onto the taxpayer resulting in a doubling of national public debt. With the situation in Greece worsening and much of Ireland’s private debt yet to become more stressed due to rising interest rates, is there really any way we WONT witness a Greek scenario here soon?