Irexit / Eirexit, call it want you want. They want out!



IMHO, this seems like a storm in a teacup/mob witch hunt.

Although, having said that. There could be something to it. I saw this Jack booted fellow last time I was in Eyre Square.


Mr Darby said it was time to reject the “politically correct Europhile establishment” and embrace the “patriotic alternative”.

“The days of subservience to foreign authority should be over,” Mr Darby said.


Who is paying for all this, It sure ain’t the retarded cunts mentioned as the 3 promoters of the campaign so who is it , Rees Mogg, the Kock brothers or perhaps even Putin himself. :frowning:


retarded cunts

Strong words.

Who pays for any party’s billboards?

Good question though. It would be good to know these things. Irrespective of party.


Retarded cunts harking back to being part of empire; sucking at the hem of Britannia’s skirt.


More strong words.

Question for you. If Britannia is the goddess of Britain, then who is the goddess of Ireland?


Idol worship, never ends well methinks :thinking: now where have i head that before… :thinking: , on the point of information:

Europe, it’s all about the abduction and raping. Somewhat topical on so many levels sadly.


Questions back at you, state your skin in the game?
Why are you offended on behalf of Irexit?
When did you join the Irexit campaign?
Where do you get your funding from?


I asked you 1 simple straight question, you asking me a series of loaded questions(4).

There’s no shame in admitting you don’t know something. IMHO it’s a sign of a maturity.

Explain where you got your presuppositions, and I’ll attempt to answer any questions that remain.


Play the ball / don’t chat up the goddess. :point_up:t2:


An Irexit party could be one or a mix of a few things.

Two that spring to mind:

  • Genuine nascent political movement, hoping to represent ill-will or direct opposition to the EU of the current flavour and it’s influence on national politics.

  • *A straw man group used to paint that position as ridiculous/extremist, as a crutch to support established groups/political parties, a touchstone if you will to curry favour in typical demagoguery, to lay claim to the moral high-ground.

(*think how sinn fein is used in political discourse as is done here or anywhere else {Vardarkar Dail comments}, despite SF being in the globalista tent… for another thread.)_

I don’t see what this might be seen as a surprise.

If it makes for a more grumpier day, then be honest about that . :wink:

It’s been predicted for a long time, casue it’s eminently predictable - tbh it’s rather tepid affair in Ireland compared to what is happening in the UK, France and Italy right now.

The two factors contributing to classic Irish tepidness are the lack of geographical centrist proximity with physical Europe (perirpharlisim - suits the gombeen status quo to utilise to their advantage) and the low population affected by the recent demographic expulsion of another generation (for the third time).

The fighting spirit has been exported, again completely suiting the status quo. A short term position that has utterly catastrophic long term consequences socially (for another thread!).

The EU is not on top of its game but I don’t think many fully appraise the nature of the game (again for another thread) it’s not easy. I base that observation over time and I see nothing to reappraise that position since it was perfectly clear back in 2012 around back room Greek negotiations.

Europe has begun to look like a veritable pyre in the making, waiting for that spark.

Gettgin back to the OP.

The fun thing here is to watch how the establishment and bought Irish media characterise any deviation form the political norm, no matter the origin (Peter Casey anyone?).


Interesting to see a euro-critical speech from President Higgins.

“As we seek to find a new mind for Europe, out of the ashes of our present threatening fragmentation, there is now a pressing need to recall the rich infusion of ideas and ideals upon which our Union was sought to be built.”


OW- I think Tulip’s view in post 19 is well worth considering


@GameBlame I have now. :clap:t2:


Right, and that’s what I’m wondering too. Just who is funding Irexit? What do they stand to benefit from it?


This Thursday, Mr Hook confirmed to the Limerick Leader that he has been asked by the group to give a lecture at the event, which will focus on the ‘politically correct’ Irish media.

George Hook, who retired from Newstalk last December after 16 years with the station, was suspended from the national radio station following his comments about rape in September 2017.


‘Rest easy M’am, we’ve activated Agent 00Idiot’


This Thursday, Mr Hook confirmed to the Limerick Leader that he has been asked by the group to give a lecture at the event, which will focus on the ‘politically correct’ Irish media.

“Ireland has benefitted greatly from its European membership and while it is positive that 90% of Irish people repeatedly say in opinion polls that they wish to remain in the EU, we cannot be complacent,” Senator Byrne said.

“We must take on the lies and mistruths being spread; stand up for Ireland; and say no thanks George,” she added.


My guess is that Putin is behind it, or else its people who dislike the EU for some obscure or strange reason, or reasons the majority find strange


Well if anyone would know about the dark goings on of the Russian aristocracy it would be Prince Myshkin himself.

Presumably CNN are watching closely for signs of collusion