Irexit / Eirexit, call it want you want. They want out!



What’s the story with Irish neutrality? [EXPLAINER]


Asked where did the money for the bill boards come from.


And no answers.

Their policy plank makes them sound like kippers. Which suggests the money is coming from british kippers who see the Irish backstop as a barrier to their new and glorious trade empire dominating Europe.


You should go and ask them directly…

…could be entertaining. :slight_smile:


I can only assume Twitter is how Denis contacts him ?


George Hook, the King Gammon of Ireland. :roll_eyes:



That sounds like a pejorative slur against an individual based on their skin colour.


It could also be to do with salt content.


I don’t understand the original comment at all. I’ve never seen the term used in this way. I was thinking some kind of King Lear character but I didn’t find anything. What does it mean or was was intended to be communicated or inferred?


Piggies at the taxpayers trough, Australians call them spruikers.

In the Brexit variety they’re self publicists who’ll probably never suffer the same consequences as the society they feed off will.

They’ll cry racism if they’re called out for the swine they are.


I’m still lost, maybe I am missing some important information - George Hook is paid by the taxpayer?

Is it a term that could be construed as racist?


Are chaos promoters confined to race?


Please do look earlier in the thread.

Anyway, gammon refers to a particular type of red-faced Daily Mail/Express reading angry older person. As someone of that age and complexion, it’s quite amusing and I use it to remind myself that I can’t be angry all the time.

Anyway, it describes the kippers quite well when you look at them in a group.

PS it describes a group, much as ‘chavs’ does, not a race…


Those explanations makes 0 sense.
You didn’t post “king chaos” you posted “King Gammon”.
It clearly is a pejorative slur against an individual based on their skin colour, despite your coy attempts to suggest otherwise.
An individuals skin colour is not something they choose, it’s an accident of geographical latitude and genetics. It’s not a fair thing to criticize. Play the ball not the man.

I don’t like that word ‘chav’. I think it’s dehumanizing and is often used as a form of crypto-classism.
Chav is derived from the Romany words chavos, meaning youth/boy. A boy/youth can grow up.
The difference is that while someone can grow out of their loutish behaviour, they can not grow out of the complexion of their skin.


I wonder, how many posters can remember Professor Kelly’s prophesy from Nov. 2010?


I give up. If we can’t use Orwellian imagery then just ban animal farm.

Point out the piggies feasting off racism and get called racist for it.

I’m out.


On this point you and Goerge agree!

All opponents of free speech feel free to contact me here. - George Hook (twitter)

Maybe you should have fired such comments directly at Goerge on twitter as he so encouraged. :wink:

It’s hard to muster a reaction to something you don’t understand and I’m resting in ambivalence on the “Gammon” remark tbh and value freedom of expression overall.

We have terms such as Jackean emanating from the peoples republic of Cork, some might find offensive and others hilarious it’s all context dependant (stone thrower) but we do run into a fundamental truth very quickly, “beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder”, that’s a big deal to wrap a head around for a time, maybe a life time.

It’s also valid and perfectly acceptable to make the point that playing the ball not the man is the civil conduct expected within forum parameters and usually the norm on any forum - it’s ok to be challenged on it too but we also have moderation for that too (users can flag a post now, same a report button of old).

It’s when the intention becomes unclear, this is when concerns rise and a need for clarity.

I had a longer point but I’ve cut it back for brevity and moderation.

Get back on topic and stay on topic!


Gammon denotes an attitude, bellicose belligerence towards us in the EU.

The cheerleaders of the whole Brexit train are the wealthy piggies Orwell wrote about, some animals are more equal than others. They’re too rich to not worry about losing freedom of movement. They’ve twisted the narrative to elicit sympathy for their piggy behaviour.

Orwell said he wrote about Russia but it could easily have been about Britain.


I agree Catbear. Brexiters (the spokes types and funders) have pushed an agenda that benefits mostly themselves - Moggy with his offshore fund, Dyson with his off-shore tax move, Boris and Gove with their party political aspirations, Farage with his German passport.

It’s not unreasonable to look for who is behind Irexit, who is funding it, and to suspect them of the same self-interest.


I remember it well, and often wondered how he got it so wrong as we seemed to be lurching to the left at the time. But it seems in retrospect he might have got it right after all. I can deal with right-wingers – I’m one myself. What unnerves me about this lot is their irrationality. In that video I could hear no espousal of principle, no call to pull together for the good of society. It was all opposition, defiance, and hatred for a bunch of concocted boogeymen – the venal politicians who have disrespected our dead heroes, the media engaged in a giant conspiracy, and the Jewish bankers who have bled us dry. He really did allude to the latter! Frickin’ miserable old buzzard.