Irish Banks pushing for Cashless Banking?


Most oil burners are controlled electrically. I know mine won’t work when the power is off.


Also you need electricity for the pump and controls.


Yup, that’s what I have. With a camping stove you can cook, sterilise water for drinking, and heat small quantities of water for washing. Although most homes have a reasonable amount of water in their tanks I also keep a few dozen litres of bottled water (I figure water distribution is one of the easiest things for the government to do so I don’t keep that much).

I also have a reasonably large USB battery pack with a solar charger, and a mobile phone with a prepay SIM from a different network (one that does not share much infrastructure with my main mobile provider). Also, I try and keep a full tank of petrol in the car when there’s a risk of extreme weather – a car can provide you with heat, light, radio and a way to charge devices, as well as getting you out of danger.

Everyone laughs, except the time the power went out in SCD for a Saturday morning and I was the only one on the road with coffee and pancakes. They didn’t laugh then, I tell you.


That makes sense now that you mention it.


My oil boiler is rated at 800w. I’m not kidding, between the oil pump, the water pump, the fan, the burner and the ignition system it can use that apparently. It’s a forgotten saving that you achieve when you install a wood burning stove - your electricity bill goes down too.

800w is a lot when you consider a 3 bed semi probably uses 150w for lighting if every bulb in the house in on, 800w is also about a third of the current used by a kettle.


Flying Brussels to Heathrow this morning with BA and the in-flight service doesn’t accept cash…


Not-for-profit Sparkasse banging on our door trying to get in. It’s up to our politicians, on a german junket, if they want to shake up our “dysfunctional market”
10yr mortgage at 1.1%? - No thanks, we’re Irish.


In Shanghai last week I got to see the Alipay and Wechat integration in action, cash is 99% gone. Also saw a fast food restaurant with no till’s - QR codes printed on the tables beside each menu item, you scan the code for the item you want, it’s paid for through alipay and a staff member takes it from the kitchen a few minutes later to your table - no epos of any kind in the building.


2018 Apple shareholders meeting highlight.



He’ll probably see it in Ireland if FF get back in again :smiley:


What’s the going rate for bundles of sticks to a heavy pig?



The Swedes who are pioneers of the cashless idea are having second thoughts as they closer to going cashless. The main points are that going cashless leaves the system in the hands of private organisations e.g VISA and Mastercard and if a part of their country was invaded by say Russia that it shut down the cashless system, install it’s own, rob what’s there.


Debit card transactions overtook cash transactions in the UK last year for the first time, and over 40% of the card transactions were contactless. … first-time


FBI warns of imminent hack attack on ATM machines worldwide
Bank ATMs around the world are at risk of an “imminent” cyber attack with millions of dollars expected to disappear from accounts.
The criminals are reportedly planning to hack a bank or payment card processor and use cloned cards at cash machines around the world to withdraw millions of dollars in few hours.


RT,com, are there any other sources for that “scoop”.


CNN, Telegraph, Independent, USAToday, CBSNews, ABCNews reporting the FBI warning

BBC - M&S hit by card processing problems



We have fully outsourced our money, in a final symbolic move. The high cost of printing money


IMHO, that’s a sad sign. The old Irish nature themed pre-euro coinage was amazing . Simple, beautiful and unpretentious.

Interestingly, the 1 & 2p are particularly special in the ornate detail of their design.


Hopefully they bring it in by helicopter. Next time the economy tanks they can save on landing charges too.