Irish Banks pushing for Cashless Banking?


FT: Data raise questions about viability of bricks and mortar bank networks … %2Fproduct


Wow cashless banking will enable a whole new level of tax farming. The folks in Okie have already cottoned onto it.


Barclays Bets on Video Tellers as Branches Dwindle … es-dwindle


Damn read that, what happens if the cardholder charges back :smiling_imp: that would hit the cops with chargeback fees, but i presume Visa would just refuse and side with the cops…

Those Christians should have used bitcoin, which btw jumped 55% in price in last month ( happy days at satechi hq 8DD )


Not Ireland but it raises an interesting point… … ne/7566360

its cheaper for businesses to be cashless, this will mean an eventual change to this kind of commerce
It is several years since this thread was started and since we have had negative interest rates which were unthinkable once upon a time


Hipsters push for a Brave New 1984.


The Sunday Business Post states that the number of EBS branches in the last few years has reduced from 90 to 71 with the possibility of further branch closures.


More branch closure …

Bank of Ireland to close eight branches in Northern Ireland … reland-ni/


Has the Ulster Bank andoid app stopped working in last few weeks for anyone? keeps crashing

They added fingerprint login which is not good since fingerprints are usernames not passwords, but hey trust a bank to know about computer security :frowning:


App is still working for me, though my phone doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner.


Same for me


Now that I think of it started since phone updated to android 6.0.1 trying to find someone human in tech support at that bank to complain


Why 3,000 bank branches must close … es-closing


All the Irish banks are now offering the free standard account for EU residents - some have interesting conditions such as UB stating the max you can lodge is the minimum wage equivalent (€9.15 x 40h x 52w = €19,032pa)

Is there any benefit to opening a basic account in another EU country if you are resident here?


Isn’t Number24 effectively foreign as it has a German IBAN also I’d guess the main benefit of having a non-Irish bank account is that Noonan can’t touch it when he needs to bail out the entitled classes at the expense of everyone else.


The main advantage is that it doesn’t suck balls.

Also the Noonan thing.

Now rebranded N26 by the way after they split from Wirecard.


In Belgium, the number of ING branches will be cut to 650, from 1,200. … ign=buffer


When push comes to shove sovereigns support the banks of their own taxpayers and don’t give a fupp about anyone else’s.

Take Icesave in 2008 which walked away from British and Dutch depositors.

You are mighty innocent if you think Irish people’s savings are safer in an online German one than in an Irish one with a bricks’n’mortar presence.


Innocent? Really?
My solvent contributory pension fund was raided because it was within the reach of Noonan. When things go bad Noonan or whoever follows will have no problem in stealing more of their citizens money for the “greater good” of the Irish Nation or rather Insiders.
Apart from calling me “innocent” respond with something credible which shows why Noonan’s actions weren’t anything more than bare faced theft purely because I and all other pension savers were an easy mark.


What retail depositor ever had her deposits reduced or restricted in Ireland, ever?

All taxation is theft btw.