Irish Banks pushing for Cashless Banking?


Anecdote - already had a client on earlier telling me they’ve phoned aib and are moving bank.


Easy to say, hassle and liable to screw one’s finances up in practice.

SEPA was a perfect time to introduce portability into the IBAN, so that one really could ‘move’ one’s account, like a mobile phone number, from one provider to another rather than closing and opening.


EHIC already allows EU citizens pan european access to public healthcare.


Money=debt … leveraging


Don’t worry, BOI now say they will offer preferential treatment to people based on their age, which is against the law: … f-ireland/


What about those with a serious case of technophobia.


Banks (re)acting like labour politicians. Who’d a thunk it. XD


It’s cool to hate on them, they’re not a protected class.


Their mental and possibly physical revulsion of the online world will shield them from any cyber attacks. :angry:


What about those who really can’t be arse to do electronic deposits?


It’s cool to hate on them, because they’re not going to read it? :slight_smile:


Reading between the lines they’re not even offering that. They’re just highlighting what already happens today. Staff members interrogate you in the queue for the counter and try to divert you to one of the automated options. If you have difficulty using the machines they’ll help. RTE interprets it as being allowed to use the counter services but the BOI statement doesn’t actually say that.


It does say older people will be treated differently though which is illegal.

Anyway I hear they’ve backed down completely though.


Let BOI etc dig themselves a hole,

They don’t realize that offering HUMAN customer service is a bonus feature for customers
branches are an asset not a liability

by going online/electronic only they do not differentiate themselves from other banks and make it easy for other banks to come into Ireland and open shop and easily take customers away from them

hell this is already happening to an extent.


That’s true for certain types of customers, like old people, but not generally any more I don’t think. I would far prefer to do everything online with no branch if I could. Any time I have to enter a branch I consider that my bank has failed.


Just heard Ulster Bank advertising free banking for the over-60s on the radio. How do they circumvent discrimination legislation to do promotions like that? Is there some sort of carve out for the financial services industry, the same as insurance companies can exclude older drivers etc.?


AnPost confirmed to offer current accounts in a few months time
An online portal, debit cards, full access to ATMs etx.


isn’t it more of a promotion (positive) than a discrimination - like Student Discounts / OAP early bird specials on Tuesday etc?


There appears to be some sort of exemption for “positive action” discrimination which related to giving assistance to people who need it; hence its legal to reserve parking spaces for the disabled. Sounds a bit fluffy to pin down though. I wonder does that cover it?


The big question is how much?