Irish Central Bank agrees to today's ECB rate increase

From Bloomberg today…

*Trichet said last month that some of the ECB’s 21 policy makers were against increasing borrowing costs. **Today he said the decision to raise rates was unanimous.'' **We find it hard to believe that no central bank representative from any of the 15 member states voiced his opposition today, especially given the growing pessimism and dire conditions in some countries,’’ said Kenneth Broux, an economist at Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets in London. ``This would imply that Ireland and Spain agreed with today’s rate increase, despite the crisis in their construction and real estate markets.’’ *

If Tichet says the decision to increase was ‘unanimous’, then, of course, Ireland agreed to it.

would that have been john hurley or someone else?

John Hurley

here you go … … ex.en.html

Blue Horseshoe

Don’t blame me, I voted No to Maastricht.

Well, interest rates are now nudging up closer to where they would/should have been if we hadn’t entered the Euro. :wink: Although I seriously doubt they will get to that sort of level in the foreseeable future.

Blue Horseshoe