Irish Examiner finds use for Empties Grow oranges

THis should be in the Elysian thread but its such a wonderful piece of journalism I had to share.
This is the front page of the Examiners property page … 90122.html





Moving on sales will continue apace for the** 211 apartments**, ranging across 57 types or variations and from one beds to four beds. 

That’s one for the ‘quotes from the VI’s what they said and when they said it’ thread. Will be interesting to see price drops quietly creep in, wait till they go POA (as is the norm not to make drops obvious). Ultimately it will require a firesale to shift these :angry:

Nope, sorry Roadhouse. Deals will be done on the QT to off load them to their buddies to attempt to drum up interest from the herd. I know of it going on all ready.
Anyway this should go back to the other thread.
Good OP though. Whodatunkit. Veggy plots in a high rise. People will be growing plants in their flats to help pay the bills alright. But they won’t be tomatoes.

I bet their running a Mexican fruit picking scam.Thats how their smuggled in.Au pairs my arse.Their here to pick our fruit and steal our wimmin.

Deytukurjerbs. :wink:

scary because we’ll hear so much more of that in the future.

I’d be more worried about the “swine flu” right now!


15 sales out of 211.

So its 7% sold then…

No wonder it needs a write up.

But but…its got oranges, some in Cork think its a bit of a lemon

Aha!! so it matters not I am selling Jackshit
because my neighbour Farquahar O’Canny is also selling jackshit…
Namatastic logic there …

Note to all aspiring buddies

the super duper discount rate may not urn out to be such a bargain…

It’s an old sales tactic keep advertised prices high so as to hook greedy wannabee inside traders into the old

deal of a lifetime

this whole article is typical of many examiner articles, a press release (barely) disguised as a news article. one wonders are the facts even checked.

here is another even more blatant example of it today… … 09702.html

The average Examiner journo has recently left college with at beast a ‘Desmond’ in Arts or ‘Communications’ ( God help us :frowning: ) and earns less than €30k a year …quite commensurate with their talents overall.

Is it any surprise that they simply regurgitate press releases ??